according to the data provided by Alipay, double 11 after ninth minutes and 39 seconds, a second payment peak, up to 120 thousand, refresh the record, is 1.4 times last year.

in the first 10 minutes, accounted for 92% of mobile payment, the payment has been transferred to the mobile terminal.

10 minutes before the

, Alipay’s mobile payments accounted for 92% of the number of pen. In the mode of payment options, the number of flowers. The balance of treasure and accounted for as high as 29% and 18%.

ant gold suit said, this year 11, the global more than and 200 countries and regions overseas users can also in Tmall, Taobao or Ali aliexpress with Alipay in panic buying, Alipay currently supports 18 kinds of currency. Among them, the use of Alipay users most overseas countries including Russia, the United States, Spain, France, Brazil.

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