Chinese electronic commerce after ten years of experience, has gradually become mature, especially in recent years is hot up from Jingdong Suning Gome "price war", the easy time to "Jingdong, Taobao about 19000000000 of the retail electricity supplier industry records, from 2009 258 billion 600 million, than last year over twice, in 513 billion 100 million 2010, than last year doubled again. In this year, this growth trend can be said to be unprecedented, proved that the electricity supplier in China has been the most potential industry, because it has been integrated into people’s lives.

is because of this situation, the traditional enterprise at this time can not stay, have joined, today’s electricity supplier market has accounted for a certain proportion, traditional enterprises to enter the electricity supplier industry, expand the online retail market, seems to be a passive behavior, but in fact it is the only way which must be passed them, but because of the lack of experience and brand awareness is poor. Other reasons, did not give them the slightest sweetness in this industry.

for traditional enterprises, to enter the electricity supplier market is a very difficult path, self business team selection in many enterprises, some will choose to invest in a mature business enterprise, but also some of the online business outsourcing to a professional e-commerce platform, all kinds of forms but emerge in an endless stream, judging from the results, it is not the same. The former two can be said to be high investment costs, management is relatively difficult, but it can be said to belong to their own resources, and the biggest feature of outsourcing and the advantages of low cost, high starting point. The following business cloud platform for detailed analysis, the choice of electricity providers to bring the advantages of outsourcing:

a, experienced team and talent specialization

in this information era of rapid development today, experienced team of talents is very rare, this is usually the most traditional companies lack, if it is to set up their own team, the cost is very high, but the effect speed is relatively slow, after all, the team’s run in and for various reasons will cause a lot of problems moreover, some of the more professional business outsourcing platform will have a relatively stable and professional team, from the station to the operation, from planning to strategic deployment and operation, will have a very rich experience, help traditional enterprises to provide outsourcing services can be a multiplier.

two, management specialization

believe that do the electricity supplier industry will know, e-commerce platform management is very complex, involving all aspects of construction, operation, maintenance, promotion, marketing, logistics and other services to customer service, we must have a very mature and intelligent management line, any one part of the problem, all may lead to the failure of the entire project. Business customers to win the favor of the outsourcing of many companies, because of its professionalism and team maturity. For traditional companies, this is their wealth capital, utilization of resources and the successful experience of others to create their own benefit, Why not?


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