today, the China Consumer Association released the 2014 National Consumers Association to accept complaints analysis report. The report pointed out that in the last year, the National Association Organization accepting 20135 complaints remote shopping, online shopping accounted for 92.28%, online shopping complaints reflect the false propaganda to mislead the consumer, customer service service unsatisfactory five problems. Effect of changes in the upgrading of consumption, consumption patterns, remote shopping (including Internet, television, telephone, mail order) and prepaid consumption is very popular.

two forms of consumption of credit requirements are higher, and the domestic credit system is not perfect, credit communication mechanism is not smooth, the operator’s credit awareness has yet to be strengthened, and therefore prone to consumer disputes.

according to the "2014 national association organization to receive complaints analysis" disclosure data show that in 2014, the National Association Organization accepting 20135 complaints remote shopping, including online shopping accounted for 92.28% of consumer online shopping complaints reflect the main problem: one is to like trading is not clear, it is difficult to protect the right to know; two is false propaganda to mislead the consumer three; consumer personal information is violated; four is the online shopping payment safe hidden trouble; five is the customer service service unsatisfactory, return difficult, delay phenomenon also occurred.

for prepaid consumption, consumers reflect more concentrated problems are: first, the issuer does not honor the commitments. Many operators in the sales to make a variety of commitments to entice consumers to buy Consumer cards, but can not fulfill the promise of service. The service is mainly reflected in: "shrink", reduce the quality of service or to limit and reduce consumption range; for various reasons the price plus the money, enables the amount of consumption is higher than the cash payment; in the service process of forced sales to consumers and other goods or services, and debit card from. Two is to change the business card issuers, closed shop. In the consumer prepaid payment card, there have been more than a sudden closure of business premises or business owners, such as changes in the situation, resulting in the consumer’s prepaid card can not continue to use, but also can not find business card back. Three is a sold, will not refund card as an excuse to avoid liability for breach of contract. After the consumer card, not satisfied with the service, or because of the objective situation can not continue to enjoy the service, the difficulty of returning card.

at the beginning of this year, the number of consumers to reflect consumers’ Association of Tianjin, they were to buy the value of 2000 yuan and 500 yuan 50 percent off in Tianjin District of Dongli City, issuing a Lijin road style barber shop, in April this year, the store staff told the store will be closed, please card consumers to have remaining stores in Zhongshan Hedong District to consumption. Some consumers believe that the distance between the two places is not easy to travel, requiring the store back card, the merchant refused. After mediation, businesses for consumers to return the balance of the card.

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