well-known e-commerce site www.tigercool.com (hereinafter referred to as the tiger in the last year by the US Court Network) will be the domain name "confiscation", and because the site in Shanghai caused a transfer contract dispute. Yesterday, the parties in the first intermediate court court.   last March, Li Xiaoqin signed an agreement with Lei Lei, with 9 million yuan plus $1 million 500 thousand acquisition of tiger tiger become cool, cool online mall contractor, and had to pay 6 million yuan for the first payment. Since then, Li Xiaoqin paid about $1 million 500 thousand; the remaining 3 million, the two sides agreed at the right time to settle. When the tiger network with the American company’s lawsuit pending.   yesterday, the plaintiff Li Xiaoqin alleged that she and the defendant had a special agreement, she paid $750 thousand after each other to complete www.tigercool.com and www.tigercool.net two domain name password, database and other resources transfer procedures, but other receivables, no performance. In June 24th last year, due to litigation with Lei Lei and the case of the United States, Tai Sheng entertainment company, www.tigercool.com this domain name is due to the judgment of the Thai company’s announcement page. The plaintiff Li Xiaoqin said, the sudden changes, to make their own can not continue to use the domain name www.tigercool.net engaged in e-commerce activities, and Li Xiaoqin and Lei Lei to negotiate the requirements to remove the obstacles to www.tigercool.net, but Lei Lei is at a loss what to do.   it is understood that the tiger network was established in April 2001, is the earliest to North America Chinese e-commerce sites, cultural products. After several years of operation, the Chinese people in North America has won a good reputation, becoming the largest Chinese life service website. At that time, a large number of sales in the United States is lost because of the Tai Sheng entertainment company exclusive DVD products. Tiger network behavior is considered to be a violation of copyright law and infringement of the Tai Sheng entertainment company exclusive distribution rights. The tigercool.com was confiscated after the tiger will have all of its business transformation into tigercool.cn.   domain name is almost the only way for users to visit the site, in the case of the user loyalty has been developed, due to the domain name was confiscated and the loss of the site is difficult to measure. Yesterday, the plaintiff Li Xiaoqin said, pointing to the judgment in the domain name is more than a month’s announcement of "Tai Sheng of the time, because the domestic and foreign media websites, loading Tai Sheng entertainment company paste announcement, makes the www.tigercool.net no longer has its original commercial value, causing huge economic losses to their your effort, money and other resources loss is only a transfer fee is too many to count, the loss of up to tens of millions of yuan. Li Xiaoqin believes that the defendant failed to perform the fault site transfer agreement, request the court to order the defendant to return the paid.

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