NetEase Francisco December 3rd message, according to Alipay after the announcement, from today, Alipay on the PC side of the original free transfer amount will be canceled, a uniform rate of 0.1%, 0.5 yuan, 10 yuan cap, charge per transaction.

however, according to the announcement, using Alipay wallet in the mobile phone terminal transfer does not copy the PC end of the rules, will continue to implement the policy of free.

Alipay after the announcement is as follows:

thank you for using Alipay account transfer service. In order to adapt to the majority of users in the mobile phone terminal "whenever and wherever possible the demand for payment," from December 2013 04 onwards, Alipay will be adjusted to individual users of Alipay account transfer service preferential policies. Specific rates are adjusted as follows:

1, use Alipay purse Alipay account transfer, still free, no limit free transfer amount.

2 on a computer, Alipay account transfer rates down:

rate reduced from the original 0.5% to $0.5, from $0.1%, capped by $10, according to each transaction charge. The original rate and free transfer amount from December 2013 to 03 days from.

Taobao, Tmall

unchanged sellers and other merchants use Alipay account transfer service rates, payment accounts and trading accounts associated with the same charges.

PC Alipay account transfer service including: transfer to the account, I will pay the rent, receivables, receivables, receivables, gifts of gold AA home page, group collection. Such as the cost, will be unified to the creator.

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