is the most active in the domestic SEO region is mostly first-tier cities, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Chongqing is much less, so many Internet companies and several B2C foreign trade company staff to flow to flow. Most companies are still a blank SEO. Therefore, I believe that only e-commerce is the highest level of water SEOer. Also that is the word, a successful B2C e-commerce site behind the hidden one or several network marketing talent. Now more and more network studio or a single search engine optimization personnel in B2C industry. The author believes that to enter the B2C industry to meet the following conditions:

1, a mature network marketing talent. SEOer’s ultimate career is a mature network marketing talent, no matter where you go, there is your career. Just looking for a product, you can start your own business. So the network marketing talent or team is the core competitiveness of enterprises or BC2 industry.

2, start-up capital. Whether it is done at home or abroad requires a certain amount of start-up capital for purchase or bank account related to a series of cases with prerequisites (such as: dual currency card for dual currency card is a prerequisite to 50 thousand yuan deposit account. Dual currency card is mainly used to authenticate the PayPal account and withdrawals. ).

3, looking for sources. Source selection is very important. Main reference: logistics, price, profit, etc.. It is best to establish a relationship with the manufacturer, so as to be more competitive.

4, and finally you need customer service. For product sales and customer service maintenance, which is very important is the last step in network marketing. Is also the key from the search engine.

of course you have to see the future of B2C and the potential for development.

The concept of

e-commerce refers to the use of any information and communication technology in any form of business or management operations or exchange of information. In a word, it is the realization of the electronic commerce. The classification of e-commerce has B2C C2C B2B, is the enterprise and consumers, consumers and consumers, between enterprises and enterprises, between government and enterprise electronic commerce (G2B).

The basic components of

e-commerce: Internet Intranet Extranet user logistics distribution center, such as bank merchants. E-commerce is the use of modern communication technology, a kind of social economic form of computer and network technology, its purpose is to reduce operating costs and improve social efficiency, optimize the allocation of social resources and social production, to achieve the maximization of social wealth. My personal website, currently included well, PR5 hope that through this article to find links to contact QQ:1292497327

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