November 14th, music as its ecological network network official, during the double 11 "ecological quality season", the ecological network network channel force, platform flow, orders, sales have risen compared to last year. Dual 11 day event open only 2 hours, straight up the network network third party trading platform according to the stability index, ranking second behind the red wine category, Changyu, far more than Weimeng long after Zhao winery. Subsequently, the whole channel sales heat unabated, as of November 12th, total sales exceeded 35 million. Among them, the global network network has led to high quality brand, double 11 day millions of sales of PA brand selling list TOP3.

in this year’s quality of the ecological season, the net wine online and offline channels under the linkage, the user’s consumption to maximize the contact, and a variety of ecological gameplay and full interaction with the user. 11.11 yuan seckill lead detonated panic buying frenzy, Chateau Wine have become focus of users "cut the hand, buy wine to send music as a super TV, mobile phone and super large red, gold and silver full cut, burst sale, liquor new bright comprehensive road will play an equal to the highest peak of wine carnival.

industry insiders believe that this year is the first 11 pairs of liquor electricity supplier from the beginning of the initial brutal competition to the brand forward node. Simply relying on the "bloodletting" price war, war flow has been unable to meet the growing market demand, quality, brand has become the key to competition. Global private network network quality brand has become the focus of consumer crazy "cut the hand, fully illustrates this point. "As a global network network this year pushing its own high-quality brand, although Gloryt Grote beer, Wine fire rose Naynay brands such as the first time to participate in the double 11 big promotion activities, but the market is way ahead on the bestseller lists, which since 2016 and ongoing brand promotion are not unrelated, on behalf of the liquor consumption trend emerging consumer groups." Network network brand responsible person said.

It is reported that

, Grote in Germany pure beer flavor and distinctive brand image to win the consumers. Double 11 day, product sales reached 1 million! Glory wheat beer, brilliant white wheat black beer, dark beer, stout conquer crazy four products occupy the network network single product selling top five seats, the annual sales of beer brands become fully deserve.

The characteristics of

rose to the new world Wine easy to drink also captured a large number of new consumer groups, is the brand hot list second, double 11 day sales break 90 thousand, became the trend of large red Wine products highly sought after consumers. In addition, yellow tail red Wine also outstanding performance, with a double 11 day 26 thousand branch sales record A new force suddenly rises.

addition, the international well-known beverage brands still get a lot of attention of consumers. Carlsberg beer, stone red wine, Le Le Black Castle sparkling wine, Tiger beer, red devil red wine and other brands during the big promotion heat unabated, becoming a hot consumer buying. As a strong network network project, especially the import Wine Mingzhuang Wine products from the shelves to >

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