The number of Internet users with

network the emergence of more and more, there are a lot of interest in the establishment of the webmaster friends have chosen this occupation, all want to get a return on their network in the ocean, but it is a good idea the reality is cruel so far more than 50% domestic webmaster have zero income or stay in place there are more loss of status, so today to talk about all the webmaster and why are there so many owners to zero income.

if we choose the site so most of the webmaster is with their own interests and, in the process of site if can obtain an additional income of their own but also all the dreams, now relying on the website of a few stationmaster money many elite a day hundreds of thousands of income is very normal and because the Internet is a gold cave you will not see how to use it to get what you want.

if you have time station for half a year or is more than half the time, but every day on the income of the site is no more than 10 yuan or 10 yuan in it can be said that your website is completely failed, after all, we also need to spend a part of the site maintenance costs of these costs is best able to earn in the station.

is still zero income is nothing more than the wrong way to go to the webmaster, the following examples cited a few wrong hope you learn a lot of summary.

many webmaster belongs to all to make money, the user experience can be behind for a long time so as not to cause the loss of a lot of loyal users, is more of a one-time gain flow, because there will not remember your site is generally stop Look shuts down the whole of your users the website user experience is poor, so we stick to the user experience in the first place to put the user experience to do.

e-commerce is now more and more widely in many businesses to invest in the online advertising for the webmaster is a good thing, but we webmaster in advertising before the first to figure out what is the nature of our website and the content of the website advertising generally put some content in advertising will have what you want the effect, like you do website is female related content but your advertising is to display the network game server, etc., such advertising is definitely out of the content of the website and advertising No one shows any interest in, after all we do not match the user browsing the web site to see such ads will not cause any interest so eventually lead to advertising low income, choose their own website advertising is very important.

if we want to advertise so we must first know the detailed information of our own website every day to browse the crowd, investigating a series of age, gender and income groups, the general survey of website statistics there are detailed information you have the webmaster can see, we have finished the questionnaire after the beginning to choose some suitable your website advertising, or in accordance with the above example, I >

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