recently, network news that Jingdong and Taobao Tmall mall launched "running out of time, the paper points out that both sides make a series of actions, in order to force businesses to stand in the two election. Subsequently, Eve also exposed such as knoch Li, AKseries men such that for reasons of warehouse adjustment, system failure to stop delivery, so there is a business Jingdong "promotion" rumors.


event is the cause of this: the Jingdong and business negotiation and promotion activities, Taobao’s threat to businesses that, if the business activities in the Jingdong, will be in the "double eleven" activities by the closed shop, are not allowed to participate in Taobao promotional activities, businesses are threatened, had to withdraw from the activity. Jingdong in order to ensure that users can normally buy promotional merchandise, but also forced to stop after the start of the business activities of the business authority, the business is very difficult. Therefore, there is the so-called "promotion" news.

so, businesses appear to be promotional rumors the truth is what


as everyone knows, the Jingdong store B2C and Taobao’s Tmall platform to form a strong competition, because of this, Tmall has always regarded Jingdong mall as its biggest competitor, with a "natural enemy" is not too much to say.

in recent years, with the gradual development and expansion of Jingdong mall, Jingdong mall Taobao Tmall platform many advantages are also very obvious:

first, Jingdong mall Commission low. Now Jingdong mall gold commodity Commission adjustment: Alliance for the Jingdong under the category of "gold jewelry gold jewelry, gold and silver investment for adjusting the proportion of such goods, commission rate adjustment from 5% to 1%.

second, logistics capability, platform growth too fast. Jingdong mall to pay for the receipt and distribution, has made consumers feel convenient to buy books or Jingdong home appliances. In addition, with the expansion of the Jingdong store influence, rapid transfer of Jingdong mall reputation, let consumers know the buyer power in addition to Suning and GOME stores, also can be implemented directly in the Jingdong to buy fake goods store, does not exist, no word of mouth.

in fact, the above points have become an important factor for the Jingdong, Taobao sniper, Taobao at these points could not keep up with the pace of development of the Jingdong, the Jingdong store let Taobao staff on tenterhooks, they allowed to compete, but never seeing a strong competitor for the threat of their own platform. These points also eventually led Taobao to feel Jingdong mall is a great threat to the Tmall, now the Jingdong also seems to have become "gods fight imp suffer".

traced back to the time before the Beijing Soviet war, Ali’s Amoy began secretly operating behind the scenes to attack Jingdong data. Recently, Taobao’s move is more direct, with "overlord clause" to restrain business decisions, so as to achieve long-term rival Jingdong, the dog in the manger, by netizens questioned and condemned.

Taobao threatens the real motives and causes of businesses

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