love with Tmall platform public opinion has been compared with the Jingdong B2C self B2C, but with the development of the electricity supplier, Tmall has launched a new product test, began to self Tmall supermarket, and Jingdong also increased efforts to open POP platform. As food and beverage, grain staple food, household cleaning etc. this kind of merchandise is not easy one-stop purchase in the original Tmall platform, and the recent launch of the Tmall supermarket is low-key Ma for this kind of goods to provide consumers with one-stop shopping. Its purpose is naturally

to build a network of WAL-MART.

Tmall supermarket low-key test operation

April 24th, Tmall supermarket using domain two trial operation on the line, Tmall recently officially launched at the supermarket entrance, in the Tmall home page category navigation bar can already be found Tmall supermarket. In the past Tmall platform operations, Tmall platform independent businesses do not have the comprehensive operation ability for food and beverage, grain and non-staple food, household cleaning etc. this kind of merchandise, so Tmall has been unable to past general merchandise to provide one-stop shopping, the launch of Tmall supermarket is to make up the disadvantage of Tmall.

self B2C electricity supplier in the past 1 stores rely on online retail daily necessities, snacks, beverages and other products in the electricity supplier market competition in a firm foothold, and Tmall has no action on the. 1 store sales in 2010 was 805 million yuan, in 2011 sales of $2 billion 720 million, Tmall supermarket sales in 2012 is expected to be $3 billion, in 2013 exceeded $10 billion. At present, Tmall supermarket only opened the ShangHai Railway Station and Hangzhou Railway Station, opened in June this year, Suzhou, Ningbo, WuXi Railway Station, by the end of the opening of Southern China, North China, central China and other second tier cities, 3 years to open all the second tier cities.

Tmall accelerated layout rush logistics

self B2C warehouse logistics requirements are higher, Ma has been on the layout of the logistics and logistics for a long time, and now the time has come to play its role. Tmall supermarket has integrated storage resources and logistics resources in Shanghai, uniform packaging, the ShangHai Railway Station and the Hangzhou Railway Station can be realized on the next day, and plans to continue to achieve three with daily, served with a specified time delivery service.

Tmall supermarket distribution costs in accordance with the amount and weight of the order, respectively, 5 yuan and 10 yuan file two. Orders of more than 88 yuan can enjoy promotional activities. Tmall supermarket also follows no reason to return the payment rules, buyers can apply to Tmall through their own account, once the judge claim was established, Alipay account will be directly deducted the corresponding amount of money businesses Xianhengpeifu to buyers.

Tmall will choose landing


on-line supermarket to ask whether Tmall will consider landing? In traditional businesses have joined the wave of net circumstances, there are more and more companies choose Tmall landing. Electricity supplier will never be able to completely replace the traditional retailers, because life >

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