"a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil could lead to a tornado in Texas a month later." This is the popularity of the famous butterfly effect. The butterfly effect first appeared in the field of meteorology, today being extended to other areas, in the micro-blog marketing, fully show the charm of powerful, has been highly valued and widely validated.

butterfly in micro-blog marketing to explain such a truth: a good, have the marketing value of micro-blog, as long as the correct guidance, after a period of time, will produce a sensational effect, or "revolution". Because micro-blog, the general public’s life is undergoing tremendous changes, no one can expect the next point of concern will be where the outbreak. Micro-blog from the date of birth, there are countless events to tell people, here, we will witness and participate in a butterfly effect of micro-blog marketing, a small message or a picture will cause a series of social repercussions how. And this effort continues to strengthen, speed up.

opened on the same day achieved a 50% sales rate of

has a real estate planning organized a grand momentum of the country’s first micro-blog forward rob 1629 "activities. As long as the sale of the real estate activities micro-blog 1 times, the day of the opening of the purchase of building 3 listings customers, you can enjoy the total price minus $1, how much, how much less, the maximum reduction of 50 thousand yuan / sets. As of the end of the event, the event was forwarded a total of more than 50 thousand micro-blog. Opening all the day to buy the 3 floor of the customer, and therefore enjoy a discount of $50 thousand per set. On the day of the opening scene crowds, about 790 thousand yuan after discount price shock, welcomed by the purchase of customers. The opening day achieved 50% sales rate, in the current market conditions, it should be said that is not easily won. A micro-blog triggered the butterfly effect.

a micro-blog rose 5 hundred million

said in August 24th, China life intends to holdings of Minsheng Bank, there are nearly 4 million fans of Shi Yuzhu released a micro-blog, "please don’t want to China insurance, Minsheng Bank Holdings look at fiercely as a tiger does. China’s only major private banks, should not be turned into a state-owned bank. To a small private sky bar. Minsheng Bank lost private mechanism, will lose its core competitiveness, bid farewell to the rapid growth." With this micro-blog, stir A shares market, stimulate Minsheng Bank shares rose in the two trading days, Shi Yuzhu’s shares held by the company’s floating profit of $236 million.

Lenovo phone mobile phone using micro-blog marketing


during the world cup in 2010, Lenovo Group through cooperation with Huang Jianxiang, the use of micro-blog to promote Le phone mobile phone, as long as the fans back to their micro-blog has a chance to get a phone phone. Once the news was released, it caused great concern fans, just a few days

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