February 27, 2014, by jcipc software company’s "simple" one-stop hotel marketing exchange in Changsha Dacheng International Hotel was held, the meeting attracted hotel industry veteran and business marketing experts to.

the Internet is just like a window on the world, it makes the world become smaller, so the hotel communication with customers is more free, more timely and more close, more style, let the object of hotel marketing becomes infinite, who is the first step to master information, who is leading the market.

the conference to share, exchange and study "to discuss the hotel marketing development, at this meeting a good chi company general manager Mr. Chen Xiaokun at the meeting to share" how to use the Internet to make your stay rate up to 120%, make an important analysis of the hotel industry market structure changes, and OTA pointed out that through the intermediary to improve the hotel provided development rate is not long, and focuses on the importance of hotel website, WeChat direct marketing.

then jcipc software company deputy general manager Ms. Liang Rongrong, detailing the "simple" platform (www.jdd365.com), the six platform to be made one has the following three advantages,

1, for the first time the hotel industry closed loop

from the hotel reservation to the hotel information and then to the guests to check in, check out, the first time in the country to achieve the hotel industry closed loop, with absolute lead.

2, the country’s first free return platform

  1. Reduce the intermediate link of transaction, reduce transaction cost;

  second, free marketing platform, significantly reduce marketing costs.

  3, guests benefit directly, hotel profits rise, can provide higher quality services for the guests.

3, the exclusive realization of multi platform marketing system seamlessly connected

 , platform and WeChat, platform and official website, platform and APP, such as seamless;

  II, no manual registration, copy paste, telephone fax, step docking in place.

six marketing management tools, simple point one-stop all get


booking platform: build your 0 return rights.

Hotel Official Website: free gift, 360 degree all-round promotion.

WeChat: – follow the fashion trends, firmly seize the hearts of consumers.

mobile phone APP:0 commissionable reservation, fast and convenient.

self-service machine: the perfect customer self-service travel, so that your hotel fashion to burst!

management software: the perfect combination of simple point platform to achieve seamless connection online and offline.


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