more and more traditional retail industry began to force the electricity supplier market, although the electricity supplier market in the capital of the winter, but there is no capital intervention does not affect the depth of the development of the electricity supplier market. Due to the special nature of pharmaceutical products, the rapid development of the electricity supplier in the big environment, the pharmaceutical electricity supplier has always been in a state of slow development. Now the electricity supplier market more and more mature, Internet users demand for online shopping drugs are also more and more exuberant, after years of cultivation of the long market, the pharmaceutical electricity supplier finally ushered in the rapid development of the spring. (text / Wang Liyang)

I. pharmaceutical B2C has a huge market prospect

statistics show that in 2007 the American medical network retail sales of $170 billion, of which the medicine retail sales accounted for about 30%, compared with the development potential of China’s huge online pharmacies. At present, the domestic pharmaceutical retail market coupled with the size of the total retail medical institutions is about 600 billion, and now less than 1% of the market share of pharmaceutical electricity supplier. Chinese online pharmacy Council report shows that the total size of the pharmaceutical industry market this year will reach 1 billion 500 million yuan, is likely to be four or five yuan billions of dollars in sales of pharmaceutical business enterprise. Accordingly projections, by 2015, online shopping will reach the scale of 15 billion yuan.

in the entire electricity supplier market matures, Internet users demand for online shopping drugs increasingly strong, pharmaceutical electricity supplier finally waiting for a good opportunity for rapid development.

two. Various people have to snatch market pharmaceutical electricity supplier

at present, the pharmaceutical electricity supplier market is still in the stage of development, but more and more people concerned about the pharmaceutical or electricity supplier industry to lock in this field. The development of pharmacy network, happy people led the pharmaceutical electricity supplier, Tmall Jingdong in different forms in the pharmaceutical business market, the traditional line pharmacies have net, pharmaceutical business contains tremendous business opportunities of the related industries have moved to the market.

is involved in the electricity business enterprise more and more intense competition, the pharmaceutical electricity supplier but also benign slow development, a large part of the original because the competition is not as good as 3C, the competition of pharmaceutical business books and other areas of intense, snatch the market forces in a variety of circumstances, pharmaceutical electricity providers will also appear industry reshuffle situation.

three. Pharmaceutical B2C electricity supplier model is still not clear

due to the particularity of pharmaceutical products, few manufacturers are directly involved in the retail sector, pharmaceutical products are generally sold in pharmacies or hospitals. Therefore, many of the drugs involved in online retail pharmacies are offline, because the entire pharmaceutical electricity supplier is still in its early stages of development, network sales model is not very clear. Pharmacy network under the pharmacy to join the line mode, happy people using self built network pharmacies model, Tmall continue to choose to do the platform and large chain pharmacies cooperation, while Jingdong and Kyushu joint venture to seek common development.

is currently a slightly mature pharmaceutical electricity supplier is the pharmacy network and the happy people of these two network pharmacies, >

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