news September 1st, VANCL announced that the company’s Web site V+ has on the morning of August 28th to complete on-line since the first major revision, the new version of the page design style more fashion, more in line with the 80 90, buy the main crowd browsing habits and preferences.

V+ relevant responsible person said, the new version of V+ will be the original home of men’s and women’s shoes, boots, outdoor sports, children’s clothing, luggage accessories, operation and creative life, star &, V+; designer brand OUTLET 9 channel down to men now, women’s clothing, home life, exchange, brand new, pick up the sun cheap 6 items.

in addition, V+ also added two new sun sinks brand and channel, the former V+ existing brand summary classification according to the first letter of the sun; new goods will be new products recently on-line summary. In the following 6 major types of goods in accordance with the subdivision for men’s and women’s wear, men’s shoes, shoes and other 11 small columns, channel navigation users in the home can choose according to the classification of goods.

After the new revision of the

V+ in the home was added to the two channels users are most concerned about the brand "and" users are most concerned about the product, according to the number of users to purchase and click browse, through technical means are the most popular brands and products.

V+ relevant responsible person said, because the two channels of ranking from all users, users can directly reflect the preference of brand and products, which will become the future V+ choose a main basis of brand cooperation. (end)

              the company plans to begin

high Union Commission September 1st

              VANCL Suning jointly cross industry marketing integration of online and offline

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