Enterprise Station Links more and more like chicken ribs, want to do but also consider many factors, embarrassing. One is the station they update, included, but the tube chain and many other aspects are not satisfactory, two is the enterprise boss for understanding Links not clear enough, the part had been changed to the boss out of order, and I think what company has nothing to do ah, for the most is the competition the opponent, several companies and competitors will swap Links? For our industry station, not up to the requirements of people.

In fact,

Enterprise Station Links becomes nothing more than two chicken ribs. If a competition between peers, want to change; two, the correlation of high quality and strong Links, but xinweitu inadequate, the site index is not up to the requirements of the other party, for example, included snapshot, ranking, PR etc..

to talk about the issue of peer competition, links, in order to improve the relevance of the industry or to add the site, but can not conflict. When you choose to select the relevant enterprise station links, do not choose the same target customers. For example, I was the main area of the Central Plains spray gun, then I do not communicate with the Central Plains, especially with the province’s peers. One, and other provinces, the location of the target customers are far more than the exchange links. I’m from Henan, so I’ll go to Guangdong. Two, and the entire industry upstream and downstream enterprises to exchange links, not necessarily looking for similar products. I do spray gun, then I can find my upstream or downstream, such as the import of spray gun manufacturers, spare parts manufacturers, sprinkler use of the enterprise and so on, can also be regarded as industry related.

next is the question of the site index. When it comes to the site indicators, we must first understand: Web pages are included, in order to have a ranking, and then have traffic, weight, PR, the more included, the corresponding other will grow. This requires us to ensure that the company’s Web site included, the chain effect will be better. The most basic website internal optimization can not fall, daily updates, internal links to do a good job.

to solve the problem of the foundation of the site, to know why no one and you exchange, because included less, PR low, to overcome these problems can be. But PR months are updated, how to do, actually this also give new opportunities, why? Because there are a number of companies like you stand is PR0, but has been set up for several months, has a certain weight. As long as you have a little more than you can exchange links with them. Back to the old problem, how to increase included at least 2 points to do: 1 is to be fixed, stable, high quality update article; 2, adhere to the hair of the chain, attract spider included articles.

and other sites to establish a long time, PR and website weight has also been greatly improved, you can then slowly exchange some of the higher quality of the site, such as industry stations, navigation stations, etc.. Motohara Fumiaki source http://s.www.keruixx.com reprint please indicate the source.

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