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in New York Economic Club

Ma Yun speech scene Phoenix finance sub Xin / photo

iMarkets Phoenix News (special correspondent Zi Xin bottom of New York) the United States of New York on June 9th at noon (Beijing time June 10th morning), Alibaba chairman of the board Ma was invited to attend the famous New York Economic Club (ECONOMIC CLUB OF NEW YORK), the 800 business leaders gave a keynote speech, interpretation of Alibaba’s history mission and vision etc..

Ma Yun in the first lecture about Alibaba group early start of the hardships, he introduced to the guests, named Alibaba (Alibaba), except for the name easy to remember, but also because of Chinese e-commerce market to "open sesame", small and medium-sized enterprises can get help and hope.

Alibaba to the world is not only the change of wealth, but also about the dream. It is not that technology has changed the world, but that people and dreams have changed the world." Ma Yun said.

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, every day there are millions of businesses in the Alibaba platform for sale. The difference between Alibaba and Amazon is that Amazon has to buy their own selling, the Alibaba is a trading platform; Alibaba do not have their own courier, but there are a lot of logistics partners, Ali in retail platform, every day there are more than 2 million of the 30 million parcel courier will be sent to all over the world; there is no Alibaba inventory of goods, but as many as hundreds of millions of buyers to purchase goods every day on Ali platform.

Alibaba and Amazon, the difference is that Amazon is a shopping site, people know what to buy what; Alibaba is a way of life, people buy is a surprise and experience." Ma Yun said.

Ma Yun reiterated his proposed in May 7th to staff mail in the next five years the company vision in his speech: five years before 2020, the Alibaba will become the world’s first platform sales over the $one trillion company. The same day, Alibaba group announced 2015 first quarter earnings data show that China’s retail platform (Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan) turnover of 600 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 40%.

this is the first time the New York Economic Club invited Chinese entrepreneurs as speakers. After two Chinese political leaders invited speeches were in April 1999, when he was China Premier Zhu Rongji delivered a speech at the club, dinner on April 2012, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, the Hongkong US exchange foundation founding chairman Dong Jianhua also delivered a speech. Founded in 1907, the New York Economic Club is an important public forum in the United States, a number of heads of state, finance and finance officials have been invited to make a speech.


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