the first e-commerce site, the heart was confused and helpless, in those days, only careful Yi Yi would, operation and improvement, until today, the website has not done much optimization, but now the weight is up to 6, the PR value is 6, the day IP above 10 thousand. Although the architecture there are too many unreasonable, but the weight is definitely beyond my expectations.

outlet line for 3 years, all the way down, basically is light, no flow suddenly soared, also do not have included violent decline, some only in the day after day, do the promotion of micro inconspicuous. It has, how many unknown moment, even a person quietly with the not exciting advertising posts, even spread everywhere, a lot of driving everywhere moderator fire, think about your own fear, really a bit dumbfounding, but those shameful days are gone, now, will meet is a new task and sadness, illusion and delusion with heart never treated seriously, set foot on the road without direction is full of darkness.

In the

before leaving, I suddenly feel more in love with outlets for this site, although we live in such a short time, or no hand in hand with you embrace a day, but the real farewell to the occasion, I still have plenty of sadness and nostalgia. In the past days, I had several times to carry out the big action of outlets, but if it is pregnant abortion and gave up their dedication, perhaps, we don’t have to go so close, will remain in our hearts deeper.

Please do not spray was called

, to tell the truth, I do not know a SEO, not to write technical posts, while working for such a long time, although the A5 has been a few years, but write a long article, especially to write their own feelings and experiences to do station, I then head into the short circuit state, until the short sparked, I did not think of how to pen, so I have to follow my tousy thinking, not to move the virtual pen to tell my heart, to write my experience.

wrote this article, there are two main purposes, one, I want to send a text in A5 (i.e., advertising posts) but I know it was a moderator write less harmonious off, so I can only move to the beat of my hands, not in the future. Two, I, in the distant next week, may be permanently leaving here, although he did not regret, but I still feel sorry for this station outlets, for three months, you are in my hands in addition to the rising flow and weight, nor any other basic changes, no more the order did not become more dazzling brand, so I have to write you, to find the emptiness of comfort.

in these days with people, I do not understand your gentleness, you do not understand my feelings, I always want to move you, you always ignore me, I think,

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