domain name is divided into top-level (TOP-LEVEL), second (SECOND-LEVEL) subdomain (SUB-DOMAIN), etc..
    the top is divided into several types, namely:
     .COM commercial institution or company
     .ORG non-profit organization, group
    government departments;.EDU & nbsp; Department of education
  military department;   institution or company.NET in the Internet network services related to the
     .XX is the two letter country code, such as China.CN, on the.JP for general large or international business company do not use the country code or institution.
    this domain name is also called the international domain name without country code. In this case, the second floor of the domain name is a representative of the characteristics of an organization or company, such as IBM.COM in IBM. For a domain name with a country code, the representative of an organization or company is the third part of the characteristics of the ABC, such as ABC.COM.CN.

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