I love to see Ereli network news, basically every day to see, often see the sinking in. Recently has been paying attention to Dangdang, Jingdong, excellent price war, I would like to talk about as an ordinary user experience for the three.

first is Dangdang, the first time I bought a book is bought on Dangdang, is also famous, it makes me very disappointed. I am in Hangzhou, in the line of two books, the seven days later to my hand, every day I focus on the book to, that is to transfer goods from Beijing warehouse to warehouse in Shanghai, and then sent to Hangzhou, spent seven days, is estimated to have to ride a motorcycle, and books the quality is very bad, I decided not to buy second. Then the Jingdong, is annoyed me, I want to buy a lighter in Jingdong, the previous price is obviously XX, when I added to the shopping cart checkout, the price discovery becomes XX+20, I only give up this one, also chose a special offer for the promotion, the single to the shopping cart they found that identity did not have the goods, but returned to the commodity page is available. Then, I determined the small fork at the top right of the browser is finally Amazon, but also because the Jingdong off the page, I found the excellence, choose their own love style, the price a little bit lower than Jingdong, purchase orders, let me accident is less than two days, received the goods packing box, very good, then something a little lighter, with a big box, there are air bags filled with a variety of instruments, Goods are available in all varieties. Whether from the delivery speed or packaging, I was very surprised and satisfied, which makes me a good impression on the rise of a few good; however, a shopping experience behind me, I am very big fire. I have two headset and a Pilates CD, 4 days have showed no delivery, I was very puzzled, thinking away, just put a headset to return results, show that the upcoming delivery system immediately, I immediately feel the fire is big, is the previous delay delivery, now to refund, quickly delivery then, I give the Amazon’s customer service message, the situation described, adds: "as the world’s first e-commerce company, is this attitude?" I don’t have any hope for this message, just to vent their dissatisfaction, but in the afternoon, I have received exceptional customer service call the phone, very sweet voice, give me explain why there is no specific delivery is related to the transfer positions explain problems and so on, I am very satisfied, very good attitude. The loss of goodwill increased instantly.

in the face of the three price war, I am also personally feel a bit, chose the two book as a comparison:

WTO legal rules (English version) legal English Dictionary


wants to see this map, you should know who to choose, let me unhappy, Jingdong list page price, but after the point in membership price rather than ordinary customers can buy the price of ordinary customer price >

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