mobile Internet is now a lot of network business, is a new direction of development, and many are also working on this piece.

there are so few data for the third quarter of 2010, China Mobile moved the Internet: the Internet market monitoring data show that the overall size of the 2010Q3 China Mobile Internet market reached 4 billion 250 million, an increase of 3.9%, growth of 5.8%. In these data, mobile e-commerce and mobile games played a very good role in pulling.

is also the third quarter, the development of the domestic B2B e-commerce how 2010Q3 China B2B e-commerce market revenue reached $2 billion 510 million, an increase of 46.6%, an increase of $3.6%. Ari analysts believe that small and medium enterprises have increased the cost of online promotion, as well as the core operators to take effective measures, is the main reason for the steady growth of China’s B2B 2010Q3 e-commerce revenue scale.

now China’s mobile Internet inside, most of the portals and online games are mostly, and the effect of these phones and the number of Internet users reached the same proportion. China’s mobile phone users reached 233 million, accounting for the total number of users of the Internet, such a huge number, so in the future, mobile e-commerce is to let the value of the various businesses. But now there is a problem, the phone Taobao is already on the line, Taobao’s dynamic also represents the dynamics of China’s e-commerce, mobile e-commerce now seems, there are still some problems:

picture limit. For online shopping, the picture is the main channel for many buyers must be used to understand the products, in the picture on the Internet and also on the definition for many buyers, and in the mobile phone, the screen itself is limited, so that the overall picture clarity is insufficient.

payment security. Now the mobile phone mobile e-commerce, payment security is a big blow, why? Recently, mobile phone virus outbreak, resulting in nearly 1 billion yuan of losses, and now, mobile phone viruses are not clear, now using a mobile phone to pay, some really dangerous.

is the most basic problems also limit the development of mobile e-commerce, for mobile B2C, the resistance is bigger, so can consider whether the development of mobile e-commerce, e-commerce is different from the B2B? B2B B2C, it is more focused on the dissemination of information, to the Alibaba as an example, the enterprise is mainly released the product of some properties and advantages of information, are interested in, then contact, this way, more in the main text, therefore, the picture of the limit is not too much, furthermore, to understand the product line, the next line transactions, so it is often the case, relatively speaking, more optimistic about the development of small pen the mobile electronic commerce B2B, also look forward to the better development of


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