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news Groupon to enter the Chinese, on the "not good" speech has never stopped, in addition, its advertising in Tibet as a theme in American Football Super Bowl, but also touched a sensitive nerve Chinese and national resistance. Part of the domestic group purchase website is to hype, hype of adding the trimmings. However, calm thinking, the author believes that this is exposing some of the domestic buy site exclusive panic, the true psychological reaction.

in the last year, there is news that Groupon to enter China, the form is to find an independent group buying site to set up a joint venture company. When Groupon China have met with senior in most of the domestic slightly famous group purchase website, then Groupon due to occupy the majority stake in the company by domestic joint venture group purchase website has been inconsistent, has not reached a cooperation intention.

then at the beginning of January 2011, the exposure of Groupon into China intent, Groupon decided to abandon the acquisition of independent group purchase website, to cooperate with Tencent Inc. February 11th, the news that Tencent has set up a joint venture with Groupon, the company registered capital of $100 million, each holding 50%. The group purchase cooperation projects Chinese name as "friends". Estimated that no one would have thought that the pace of progress of Groupon so fast, and the object of cooperation is actually Tencent.

is a global pioneer group purchase mode, is a leading Internet company. This will undoubtedly bring a huge pressure on domestic buy site. No matter how we apply the past: the case of foreign enterprises to enter the Chinese is always a "situation, the final The climate does not suit one." fail, however, with the development status of present domestic market, and exposed the problems in the domestic group purchase websites generally not stand today, the entry of Groupon is really a threat. It is hard to avoid some domestic group purchase websites out shouting. and domain respectively by the domestic group purchase website Groupon, so Groupon had to choose his name, all eventually named Gao Peng is because the Groupon Chinese is a homonym for "friends". This immediately aroused the dissatisfaction of the full network. For this full network CEO Feng Xiaohai said in an interview with reporters, Groupon called Gaopeng completely copied the full network at the beginning of the establishment of a "full house" idea, in fact, full network in the first interview early, had "made clear a" concept, in this case, Groupon persist in this domain was too funny and not too realistic. He said he was named after his brains. "Now can’t remain silent, if Groupon in China have any publicity for the full network infringement, we will fight in the end." It seems that the full network has built up a solid wall, ready to fight.


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