the long-awaited 2015 double eleven has ended yesterday, the major electricity suppliers have been a breakthrough in the history of Tmall success: after the opening 12 minutes and 28 seconds, turnover exceeded 10 billion yuan, compared with the last 38 minutes is greatly improved; the Jingdong at 0:36, double eleven single volume whole Suning more than last year; in 1 hours, the whole network of sales orders increased by 389%.

since 2009 after the birth, double eleven more and more businesses to join, and now has evolved into the world’s largest online shopping discount day, its single day sales have more than the "black Friday" and "online shopping Monday" and other online shopping activities. In addition to electronic business platform, more vertical field is added to the double eleven marketing, also let consumers dizzying.

which is added to the field of medicine, last year’s double eleven day, Tmall Medical Museum online drug was recorded in 2 billion in sales, pharmaceutical category sales is an increase of 315%. Rapid growth of pharmaceutical electricity supplier, but also to attract more pharmaceutical industry enterprises to join the eleven double electric business promotion war.

According to the twenty-first Century

pharmacy reports, 0 November 11th 7, seven Lok Kang pharmacy Tmall flagship store sales exceeded 1 million; one drug network as of 13, the cumulative net sales exceeded 20 million yuan, more than 14 Kang’ai Tmall flagship store as of 07, sales exceeded 20 million yuan, the major electricity providers have achieved excellent results. This year the Internet medicine hot, in addition to the electricity supplier in the field of medicine O2O B2C, the rapid development of medicine for the first time the war quickly jingle double eleven.

it is worth noting that, in recent years, emerging pharmaceutical O2O model is different from the traditional pharmaceutical B2C electricity supplier. Notably, such as the seven Lok Kang pharmacy such medicine B2C business, settled through Tmall Medical Museum, to participate in the Tmall double eleven shopping Carnival activities, which led to its sales, on the contrary, fast medicine jingle to take O2O mode, mainly based on its own platform. B2C is the use of medicine and electricity supplier SF other three party logistics to complete the order distribution, real-time distribution of this and medicine O2O stressed that there is a big difference between the orders. In addition, the pharmaceutical B2C electricity supplier has been developed for ten years, with its fixed user accumulation, while the field of medical O2O is mostly emerging Internet Co, more rely on its high-quality user experience, the user groups.

It is reported that in November 11th 0 at the beginning of

, 14 minutes after the completion of the first single jingle fast drug delivery orders in Guangzhou; 0:32, its sales exceeded 1 million yuan; 1:32, the orders exceeded 10 thousand; 20:28, jingle fast drug sales strong breakthrough 10 million yuan. As at 24 o’clock on November 11th, the total amount of the national sales of the fast acting medicine was 11 million 670 thousand yuan, with a total order of up to $87 thousand in a single order of $00.

so, like jingle fast medicine in double eleven in the surprising results, it is better to illustrate the user’s recognition of its business model; and, jingle fast medicine scores, can

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