is not a fashionable blog, but a need. The rapid development of the Internet has changed the rules of the operation of the enterprise, more and more enterprises to take up the blog marketing. In order to favor the blog marketing, blog marketing can bring benefits to the enterprise?

‘s blog can enable enterprises to carry out two-way communication with customers with low cost.

enterprise can put forward some problems in the blog or publish some information, readers can comment, the comment can understand customer views on the behavior of enterprises, enterprises can respond to customer comments. The enterprise can also set up the link of the online questionnaire directly in the blog article, so that the interested customers can participate in the investigation. On the one hand, we can expand the scale of the investigation group, on the other hand, we can avoid the inconvenience caused by the traditional research methods, improve the enthusiasm of the customers to participate in the research, and the effectiveness of the research information. Through two-way interactive communication and communication. Effectively pass the information to the real customers and potential customers, build up the high quality customer experience, cultivate the customer’s loyalty to the brand.


is relatively serious, the business news and product information, blog more vulnerable target groups welcome and accept.

Release and send a message as a

blog tool, it in the subject matter and release mode, very flexible; the amount of information is very large, audio and video, pictures, text combination, more likely to attract the target group of the eye. In the process of information transmission, brand visibility and reputation has been greatly improved.


blog can directly bring potential customers.

blog content published in general has a large number of user groups blog hosting sites, such as Sina, TOM, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent and other large portals, good corporate blogs can attract a large number of potential customers to browse, so as to achieve the transfer of marketing information to potential customers, this is the most direct reflection of the value of blog marketing.


enterprise can use blog to increase the number of search engines page, reduce the website promotion expenses.

blog site is an effective way to increase the link of the enterprise website, when the enterprise website visit is low, it is often difficult to find valuable website links. Post in the blog website not only can make the link for the enterprise website, but also through RSS will provide enterprise website content to other sites, increase the initiative and flexibility of Web links, so that not only can directly bring new traffic, also increased the web site in the search engine ranking advantage. This link also has the advantage that it can be a single link to the blog site, without the need to link a lot of blog links on the corporate website.


enterprises can use blog to the public relations crisis.

for adverse negative reports, companies can be timely release of information through the blog to clarify, eliminate the impact of the crisis will be eliminated in the MOE

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