since the United States trade in this Monday will be included in the Baidu Taobao counterfeit and pirated products "notorious markets list, caused a discussion of the industry. Because China three giants of the Internet, in addition to Tencent, the two settled in "notorious markets". On this matter, Baidu and Ali are not responding. Although Baidu and Ali to be steadfast, but Congress will pass legislation to provide new authorized U.S. courts to block the sale of pirated and counterfeit products of foreign websites. This is for Baidu and Taobao’s overseas markets, brand damage is inevitable.


Office of the US trade representative for Baidu and Taobao will be included in the "notorious markets list an explanation is that as Chinese most visited websites, Baidu provides deep links, will lead users to sell infringing products to third party websites. And although Taobao in solving the problem of infringing products has made significant progress, but to eliminate this problem, to.

U.S. Department of Commerce believes that these sites are stealing the best creation and innovation in the United states. Therefore, we hope that Congress will pass legislation to provide new authority to the United States Court to ban the sale of pirated and counterfeit products abroad.

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications professor Xie Mingdun believes that the United States Trade Representative Office of foreign enterprises unilaterally set standards, Chinese enterprises to suppress the use of intellectual property, but also for a retaliatory action by the United States Google exit China market.

2010, 3Q war had suffered a user trust Tencent brand crisis; recently, Alibaba and triggered a crisis blew in fraud, resulting in the B2B company CEO Wei Zhe, Li Xuhui COO to resign; Baidu, suffered the antitrust investigation crisis. Therefore, in the face of the brand trust crisis, the three giants spared.

domestic environment is the main reason. Although the past few years, the introduction of a number of laws and regulations, but lags behind the development of e-commerce environment. Its lag and conservatism indirectly contributed to the status quo of barbaric growth of the Internet industry. In fact, the fake to create a more attractive consumer price market environment for Taobao, also provided the survival soil for the speculative operation of small sellers, it is not only a part of the situation, but also to promote the growth of Taobao. The weak awareness of intellectual property rights, coupled with lack of supervision, lack of law, but also Baidu piracy website an objective reason.


and IDC service providers for hosting web content on the server and access to the computer room, the lack of supervision, and the well-known IDC service provider China Nobel network in piracy, fraud, phishing, pornography and other site supervision, there are strict examination conditions and norms of the system, for the opening of new website timing, query, at the same time, to create a good atmosphere of the station, recently launched a series of preferential servers in the United States, in order to build e-commerce environment benign.

comment pointed out, whether it is fake or pirated, is a social phenomenon in China, is the economic ecological side.

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