has been in the online marketing Eslite has started advertising "landing" to the bus station. More than go under the Internet and Eslite sales catalogue is Mcglaughlin and DHC enterprises. Reporter visited found in the traditional channel network of stores, online sales channels fired with the destruction of goods and brand in the traditional channel, but Nandi native brand store. B2C enterprise "landing", whether the advantage of low cost light still there is a big challenge, new channel customers can recognized is also worth looking forward to.

e-businessmen try various channels to the wind gradually from

when a lot of traditional enterprise OCS, planning the emerging B2C companies continue to emerge when some foothold in the field of electronic commerce network began to try multi channel sales model. Vertical network Eslite offline advertising began to sporadically appeared in the capital side of the road.

Compared with

Unicom, NOKIA and other well-known brands in terms of high degree and coverage, VANCL concise fashion advertising may not let a pedestrian and driver impression, but in the industry view, this is the beginning of VANCL to expand the line of sales channels. More news, VANCL after the line advertising, will open a large brand in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big city museum experience.

and Eslite to expand the line channels, some businesses Taobao also began to enter the market. Reporters found that in the Zhongguancun Plaza Shopping Center, called a treasure street in the special hall, is recruiting Taobao sellers stationed. According to the staff, the office of the unified management by the lessor, Taobao sellers simply provide the goods to the venue rental, rental party unified organization sales guide, the two sides divided by profit.

in fact, try to "Taobao and VANCL Sellers before landing, Mcglaughlin, and other network operators to implement existing Leyou multi-channel sales distribution case.

in Leyou chairman Hu Chao view, store, catalog and Internet is "three-in-one" sales, hoping to catalog and online mall into a self financed advertisement carrier, while accelerating the national large and medium-sized city in the expansion of physical stores. Mcglaughlin relevant responsible person had said that customers do not buy things in the store does not matter, but we can continue to recommend a variety of new products to them, to attract them to online shopping. In turn, with the store’s show experience and service support, network channel business will be more secure.

landing commodity is difficult to price advantage

whether it is Mcglaughlin’s "fast fashion" clothing or DHC’s experience marketing cosmetics, are catalog sales and online sales success. There is no shop rent cost price, challenge the traditional channels, "door to door" delivery and other advantages has been the e-commerce enterprises to describe their own channel advantages of common language. However, when the online sales of goods back to traditional physical channels, and native merchandise stores compete, because of low price, convenient shopping online word-of-mouth marketing by >

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