according to statistics, 09 years China B2B e-commerce transactions was 1 trillion and 860 billion yuan, an increase of 18.5%, up to 09 years, the number of e-commerce application ability of small and medium-sized enterprises has reached 3995.6 million, compared with growth of 3.8% in 08 years. The use of third party B2B e-commerce services for the number of SMEs in, accounting for the proportion of SMEs is 42.6%. And this is in 09 years by the financial crisis, the global economy’s background. With the continuous recovery of the global economy, in 2010, e-commerce in the country is ushered in the development of a blowout, the various sectors of the B2B website. Ma had expected, the domestic e-commerce website is currently going through a period of 5 years the golden period of development, large and small B2B website, how in the limited period, to survive in the cruel elimination rule in


for the general industry vertical portal, whether in technology or operation has a big advantage, and ultimately to face, or the audience and the main consumer groups and the relative concentration of single. And such a group of core users, they can be accepted by the mainstream services, but also is a member of the common way of acceptance and advertising and other high acceptance. In this case, the ability to provide them with reliable, effective, real business information, it has become the site of a large number of homogeneous sites from a high degree of homogeneity of the key.

despite the effective and reliable business information, is the core content of all vertical B2B site is facing the requirements, but the different industries in the field of B2B sites are focused on different. For example, the iron and steel industry downstream price changes, and timeliness is very strong, so the industry website operation in key business information consulting service professional, in addition to providing the most timely price changes, but also provide more valuable market analysis and forecast, front information etc.. Basically, the mastery of industry resources and the degree of expertise in the field determine the commercial value of the site.

software, clothing and other industries on the platform of B2B is mainly related to the project outsourcing, find the order and so on, so the site commercial value is mainly reflected in whether the site can give customers to find more and better order.

and in addition, most of the industries in the platform of network marketing, more attention is paid to their fixed channel, and the merchants, as most of the food, pharmaceutical and other sites. The main feature of this kind of website mainstream customers is to pay attention to publicity, industry biased downstream industry chain. Therefore, these industries must first ensure the site’s own website traffic, followed by the authenticity of the transaction to ensure the effectiveness of information, as well as the original content. Chinese rum industry Web site is typical of this aspect is positive, although starting from the convenience of the user entry, the website of supply and demand information currently free registration, free of charge, but the screening test in the content, is completely completed by artificial selection, make strict control, ensure the authenticity of the content of the web site. At the same time to provide a registered user

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