from thousands of wars to fall into the business tide, from as low as 90 percent off discount to discount service…… Buy industry tide rise and fall, just a few years after several rounds of shuffling. Low barriers to entry, consumer rights difficult, norms and regulations and other factors, so that the industry gradually become the bottleneck of the group buying. And this situation will change –

regulation fill in the blank, open a new era of group buying


Ding An painted

yesterday afternoon, the country’s first online consumer dispute resolution approach in the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce, Consumer Protection Committee, etc.. In addition to the dispute, the approach will also be included in the scope of enterprise credit regulation. This will promote the recent reshuffle and restructuring of the group buying industry, into a new period of development.

several spring to spring back to

in recent years, the rapid growth of online shopping has become an important form of network transactions. As of the end of 2011, the number of Chinese buy site is about 4000, the number of users to buy up to 64 million 650 thousand, buy the market transaction size reached $23 billion 700 million.

network group purchase reflects the "collective bargaining" wholesale price advantage, really attractive. The movie ticket for example, usually 70 yuan to 80 yuan tickets in some sites on the Yongcheng group purchase as long as 30 yuan; some food consumption discount, usually also can be less than 50 percent off.

, however, due to the market access threshold is not high, the network group purchase industry competition, the number of rounds of shuffling, a large number of small and medium-sized group purchase website collapse or be acquired, the group purchase enterprises are facing capital cold and users of the double test group purchase enthusiasm. Data show that in December 2011 the average number of daily coverage of the industry reached a record high of 33 million 530 thousand people, and then began to decline trend; in June 2012, the average number of daily coverage of the industry to buy the lowest.

Ningbo buy site also experienced ups and downs. October 2010, the survey showed that a total of 31 Ningbo buy site. Among them, 17 for the group purchase website, Ningbo local 14 for the national establishment of the Ningbo branch of group purchase website. In March this year, industrial and Commercial Department of the city’s second group purchase website survey found that Ningbo has a total of 16 group purchase website; among them, 13 for the group purchase website, Ningbo local 3 for the national group purchase website established by the Ningbo station, these sites are the industrial and commercial registration. As of the end of last month, a total of 63 group purchase website to carry out activities in Ningbo, including 47 foreign group purchase website.

consumers grow up overnight

from the 24 tickets to buy NingBo Railway Station suddenly shut down, to the rise of Juhuasuan, from the purchase of ultra-low discount goods and services to the joy, to the business of human evaporation caused panic. 2012 Ningbo consumers buy this special way of shopping, it seems that night

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