recently on rebate network frequently "sword", that is bidding for the rebate, fatal, Taobao was the biggest partner, so their own really can let Former friends become enemies with each other., debilitating, but these are not fatal, or still life. To outsiders, this is Taobao bidding is the ruthless hand, great meaning be beneath the human character, the rebate dying spare none. But standing on the point of view of Taobao, he is just doing to maintain and consolidate their position, the other is understandable.

why Taobao want to do this? The difficulty really care given the pen advertising fee rebate, Taobao is rich, I felt not so stingy, the question is whether each of the inputs and returns from the proportion, if there is a profit, no matter the rebate do not reach the designated position, I believe that Taobao will not accept hand. In the retail network, Taobao has the absolute advantage, but this advantage is all gone in the rebate, even in front of, many electricity providers, also exposed his weakness, the result is not conducive to their competition in the big environment and growth. Taobao spent the money, did not get the effect you want, but let himself into an unfavorable situation, who will like to throw off our baggage.

In the face of strong

, this is what makes the rebate in vain, yiluanjidan is vain, power consumption. But the rebate quite calm, has kept a low profile, however, the largest partners have been withdrawn, really let yourself lose force, can only cut healing, the next step how to turn grief into strength, take the road tomorrow.


need to recuperate, ready to be in uniform. Taobao’s various initiatives will certainly affect their development and status, on this matter does cause a lot of damage to themselves. Need to recuperate, and not what all don’t do, really want to find the problem, from its own internal reform, improve the system, standardization, facilitation of development, to eliminate false rebate rebate, delay and so on, against the interests of consumers behavior. First on their own wound curative effect, even guagu healing has to be done, otherwise the domestic position will be affected, because Taobao’s threat is everywhere, it does a rebate promotions monopoly measures, if there is no corresponding rebate resistance, other types of retail is only on the website. So the first shopping network to recuperate is repentant, with the new face of consumers, but also with a more convenient, more down to earth in the form of getting consumers, there is need to ask, this is the way to survive, rational utilization is not only recovered, more is to seek a new development, facing the new challenge, at any time for uniform.

second, grasp the direction of the pointer, change the route at any time. Now the development of shopping guide website encountered a hitherto unknown challenge, only to break the bottleneck, but this is hitherto unknown, even to the shopping guide website of vital importance in the future. The transfer, the urgent need to seek a new breakthrough, the need to grasp the initiative at the helm, can not be led by the nose, can not be completely

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