in 9.25, Suning acquisition red children came to a close, eventually Suning for $66 million price to complete the acquisition, but this thing for us leaving no small vertical electricity supplier marketing, electricity supplier in the winter, the vertical electricity supplier whether there is a way out, we should be back to their own way. It is time to move on? Or to be acquired, or the other, here, the author give some business example your own point of view, hope can be friends recognized.

vertical electric is always makes me feel a kind of mode of the market, Taobao started from the grand bazaar, with Tmall, the Jingdong brand mall, the rest is the thousands on thousands of vertical portal website, but the development of the electricity supplier website is not ideal, many electricity providers have closed down, like to see an article "2012 business closures — death business arrangement" is finishing so much electricity, but if the vertical electric no way out, but not necessarily, because a lot of business sites still use their own strength and the idea of a strong rise, development efforts, let the author tidy.

vertical electricity supplier one: force their own brands, narrow the scope of marketing, such as music Amoy


electricity supplier in the winter, every website in the effort to improve their profit, and in out, letao first transformation has become the footwear brands, has become a brand type vertical industry site, and after the transformation, the profits immediately turn to change another way to business website different results are obtained. In fact, in many cases, in many vertical industries in each site are faced with endless competition, such as the red child, from the maternal category champion eventually difficult to escape the fate of being acquired, itself is due to competition in the industry, under constant pressure Tmall mall and Jingdong, the electricity supplier has been the market has been eroded, let oneself slowly leave the original position; and in the music Amoy, this time the transformation of brands, so that their value is expanded from the other hand, after all brand profit is in their own hands, can be done by their own independent, not by other competitors with a shoe sales as long as can withstand the pressure, finally, must use their own brand influence and market position of their own.

vertical electricity supplier two: force cooperation, expand influence

in the electricity supplier, in order to spend the winter, there are a lot of sites in many sites have been pushing forward, a market on other platforms, such as "excellent shopping network, Amoy net, Amoy shoes in Dangdang, good music to buy also settled in the Amazon, shop No. 1 platform, and shoes library, Amoy shoes network, West Street Network’s main order is from Taobao store and three party platform", this explained what, most of the time, we can not only see the site of such a market, and should take into account the huge market, Baidu is according to the website, but Taobao, Amazon so, the >

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