February 1st is the "home appliances to the countryside" in the first anniversary of the formal implementation of the country, in February 1st is a festival of Chinese household electrical appliances, it is worth remembering.

in February 1, 2009, the Chinese people’s first home appliances to the countryside, the great project began in the country to implement a nationwide consumer action for a period of four years in china. Since then, the country has also introduced a "car to the countryside", "old for new", "energy saving" and many other supporting policies. After the unremitting efforts of the Chinese people for a year, the Chinese household electrical appliance gradually smoothed out the trauma caused by the international financial crisis, and the "V" type inversion in the Chinese household appliance industry.

, according to the Ministry of commerce website reported that as of December 31st, in 2009 to create a total sales of appliances to the countryside 92 million 450 thousand units, sales amount of over $162 billion 700 million amazing results. The "home appliances to the countryside" and "cars to the countryside" TM "energy-saving" and a series of policies and measures implemented smoothly, is to fully implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council and one of the important measures on China’s "11th Five-Year" development make a good start for the implementation; is the second to open, inspiring the home appliances feast, to boost confidence and promote the development of the industry to explore. We have the "home appliances to the countryside" activities have made remarkable achievements expressed warm congratulations!

review the past 2009, we have that endless thanks! Thank the party and the government’s wise decision, scientific management for all levels of government and social organizations, for the appliance to actively participate in the countryside of successful enterprises, thanks to the China home appliance people hard work, thank all the friends for their support, thanks to the extensive participation of all consumers that is your great wisdom, great courage, great mind, turn the tide to turn things around, make Chinese appliances smoothly through the winter, thank you deeply!

review of the past 2009, development, adjustment and upgrading of home appliances to the countryside is a profound change in the pattern of China’s home appliance catalyst. "In Qingdao, Shunde, Ningbo (Cixi), Hefei" as the representative of the "China four appliance base has been formed; with" Haier, beautiful, Hisense, Changhong, GREE, as the representative of the five major home appliance group has begun to take the pattern; diversified development pattern China home appliance sales channels has been formed.

review just past 2009, home appliances to the countryside policy is not perfect. In the face of the Chinese appliance market amidst the winds of change, facing the new market demand change rapidly, home appliances to the countryside in practice has encountered such problems, encountered in the market such as new phenomena, such as the difficulties encountered in the implementation, these are temporary. As a new thing in the home appliances to the countryside will in practice development, adjustment in development, improvement in the adjustment, summed up in the rise, continue to make the policy of home appliances is more popular, the home appliances to the countryside better pull and demonstration effect.

"home appliances to the countryside," the smooth development of unity and encouragement for the people of all ethnic groups to implement the "three rural" policy, to create a healthy rural consumer market, promote

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