myself in a new network agent that registered a www.***.com (in order to avoid the AD suspects hereby remove specific site address), explain the 24 hours after the entry into force, the individual areas still can not open the site.

space program is also no problem, the space is bound to the international domain name. Because the space comes with 2 domain names can visit the site, but also explain another international domain name to visit the domain name all the normal.

was the first big, that the domain name interpretation may not take effect in individual areas, which know 3 days after the problem is still. Asked the space business, the space business is also a question mark.

really no way, can only be registered with a www.***.net. As for www.***.com can only give up.

afterwards, I searched the domain name in GOOGLE, and found that the domain name seems to have engaged in illegal sites such as the past, so perhaps some places DNS server to shield the domain name. (estimated)

so you buy a domain name first in GG search before ever use records, used the domain name search engine shield this is to say, after all you can register a domain name, WHOISE information has changed. But the DNS server had shielded so bad.

(please note that the www.***.com in this article does not refer to the source of the article)

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