if you set up a new station, just do a good job, is not much traffic, traffic or less, even the basic ICP record information are not perfect, SEO is on, almost not be included, the case believe that each site is experienced, because we are from the new start of the


the reason why choose Ali mother a lot, the first reason is that Baidu and Google two advertising do not, I was kicked out, but another way out. Find the Ali Mama, which is also a lot of twists and turns, the domain name was previously used, and are bound, had a tremendous effort to fix. Finally, Ali’s mother appeared on my website. What a joy ah.

another reason is Ali’s mother’s ad, the appearance is very beautiful, not like Baidu and Google. All text or picture advertising, the overall appearance of the page to be discounted. And Ali mother will not. This is the mother of Ali to do very good for the new station, there is no benefit, basically free, or close to free. Mom do is no matter how much you can always give you the advertising website, let you do, and pay commissions, although less for the new webmaster, watching every day in rising numbers, my heart is happy. Can also be full of confidence into the site to go.

is a very important point, Ali mother is not your website is not good enough to build and improve the content, as long as you enter your domain name, can enter your site can be. You can get ad.

recently my classmates and I made a website, the name is’ ball ball’

month SEO data URL

search engine included in the amount of time (seconds)

qiuqiu8.com Yahoo 10 0.1367

qiuqiu8.com Google 4480 0.6816

qiuqiu8.com Baidu 32 0.0408

qiuqiu8.com MSN 1 0.0343

qiuqiu8.com Sogou 2 0.9815

qiuqiu8.com Yodao 1 0.4255


data is very general, only in the home at banner, the middle of two, put the bar of the Ali Mama advertising, meager receipts from here. Daily income is much less, because the flow is not stable, but a few days on average, a dollar a day income, has been very good.

I think Ali mother advertising is very good, in particular, wrote this article, but also to express the feelings of my own site, but also to the friends who love the site

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