market share in the top 10 of the electricity supplier, since 9 May have joined the fight "history of the most fierce price war, and Eslite is only one absentee. On the one hand, because the electricity supplier price war in the field of digital 3C; on the other hand, because Eslite has started the transition from "marketing" to the nature of business. Yesterday, the reporter learned from relevant channels, since this year, 20% suppliers have been cut vancl. In the industry view, VANCL move intended to improve product quality, and increase the control of supply chain enterprises.

supplier reduced by 20%

according to reports, as of now, the number of suppliers Eslite has been reduced by 20%. I responded that this is true. And said that the problems of product quality problems and management, become the main reason for VANCL to stop cooperation with dozens of suppliers. "Such as clothing and metal accessories, VANCL required sales of products do not contain more than 0.2 mm of non metal materials. As personal wearing clothes, these items will be a serious threat to the personal safety of customers, so make supplier strict management a set of rules and standards of vancl." Where the relevant responsible person said, this is one of the main reasons to cancel many suppliers cooperation.


according to the relevant person in charge, in July last year, Eslite conducted an internal organizational structure adjustment, until now has ended, the establishment of the six Division, four production center. The division is responsible for product planning, sales planning, marketing planning, production center in accordance with the types of products, is responsible for contacting the supplier manufacturing, changed the previous division monopoly production to the whole process of sales. "The production center is independent of the business department, and the quality control center is responsible for the quality control. Each product has been passed through 3 quality inspection." The responsible person said, to enhance the quality, VANCL to abandon the "more" ideas, from the fall of last year began to carry out the integration and optimization of supplier. The number of suppliers in autumn and winter this year, the product line will be halved to about 150. In this regard, the person in charge explained that this is not like the outside world, as the adjustment of the machine costs, but for the strategic adjustment of the enterprise.

enhance quality improvement

is brand consultant director Lin Yifan believes that compared to other business enterprise, to control Eslite retail link is strongest, but in the production process, the relative lack of control. The integration of suppliers, may be out of the quality of goods and cost control considerations, that is, do not relax ‘sales’ while strengthening the’ production’."

at the beginning of this year’s annual meeting, VANCL aged CEO (micro-blog) has said that this year is "quality improvement" VANCL an important year, and several awarded excellent supplier "2011 supplier of the year award". This is also the Eslite supplier first surfaced. The reporter understands, VANCL.

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