The recent blog circle, because of the involvement of sina, almost immediately on the smoke. Luo and Han Han, their face is a lot of controversy more than the opponent, coupled with the popular Xu Jinglei, Pan Shiyi, Zheng Yuanjie et al., sina is a celebrity blog circle, immediately attracted millions of eyeballs, can not help but lament the power of capital.

think the concept of boom of Web2.0 last year, and,, Kijiji and Donews, a time is raging like a storm, lively and full, but with sina now national enthusiasm than a blog, it is not the lack of a tiny bit. When sina is quiet, basically did not take the initiative with the concept of Web2.0 what is most willing to participation, countless articles as "ship disaster U-turn" old forces accused Web1.0. It is almost a time, under the banner of "celebrity blog" banner, Sina sprint Web2.0 cake for bigger.

prior to this, we talked about Web2.0, when it comes to Blog, more emphasis on the importance of ordinary users as a content provider, emphasizing the center, emphasizing the change from reading to writing. From the point of view, Sina such traditional portal, does not have the advantages of rapid transformation, in advertising as the main revenue direction determines the Sina must continue to attract eyeballs and click as your goal. But the combination of sina and Web2.0 media themselves is very clever, the use of celebrity appeal, the original content transfer center from sina to editorial content to the attention of the majority of Internet users on the "celebrity". On the one hand, these celebrities attracted to their own service platform and provide a full set of promotional strategy, Sina has been in a dominant position to lead the trend; on the other hand, whether it is a celebrity among the controversy, or Fans banner, and indeed the users contribute more in the rolling snowball for sina. In the process of Blog elite, sina Web2.0 means to consolidate their core status as a representative of Web1.0.

perhaps Tim O ‘Reilly never thought that the concept of Web2.0 can be interpreted this way. And this, it also illustrates the concept of Web2.0 as the concept of speculation to do embarrassment.

is most worthy of pity and are filled with "and set up", can’t let Sina jijieshishi sing to play, can only say that the gap.

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