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"female users in the world this is vip.com has been in the rules of survival. Today, this rule was upgraded to copy the giant and latecomers, constantly snatch the female user market.

in order to and Tmall, Jingdong, Suning and other large and full platform for electricity providers have been separated, such market players like to call themselves a fashion electricity supplier. They are mainly aimed at female users, the category of the main clothing and clothing, mother and baby, beauty, in addition to B2C in the business model, flash purchase, global shopping, shopping guide are their own direction.

At the end of 2015 at

station, the fashion business melee constantly, increasingly clear pattern. In addition to their own power to be distributed under the rule of the exclusion out, the giants are reaching out to them. The reason, the electricity supplier market growth slowed down, the market tends to saturation, only the big fish eat small fish, or a large fish.

capital has already changed direction. They are not willing to fight each other in a red sea market, this will only make them deeper, even lose everything. Every guest, poly still, mogujie.com…. Each is a vivid example. Therefore, players are bound to accelerate the integration of the market, the industry will continue to shuffle.

independents: Demon shares are not evil, vip.com is a bit bad

as a senior fashion electricity supplier, vip.com this year a little bad. From the beginning of the year, the short sellers took turns questioning its financial data fraud, then the media frequently exposed it selling goods, vip.com suffered a hitherto unknown crisis.

behind these crises, vip.com’s performance appeared to be weak. From Q1 to Q3 in 2015, vip.com released the results show that the total revenue ($14 billion, $14.54 billion, $13.63 billion) growth slowed, and the first time in the first Q3 growth decline. Another two sets of operating indicators, the number of active users and orders did not hand over a good report card. Only in Q3, vip.com’s active users grew by 400 thousand people, orders fell by 100 thousand.

affected by the above factors, vip.com shares fell all the way, the market value of more than ten billion evaporated. U.S. investment bank finally sit still, began to downgrade its rating. December 17th, vip.com was Morgan Stanley downgrade, set target price of $13. Morgan Stanley analysts given the reason is that the market competition intensifies. Vip.com needs to increase marketing expenses to support user growth in 2016.

in fact, vip.com has increased operating costs in the third quarter, but with little success. Earnings data show that vip.com’s third quarter total operating expenses of $1 billion 800 million, an increase of 45%. Vip.com CFO Yang Donghao frankly in the earnings report, the growth of our new users worse than expected." >

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