e-commerce world cover report: Chinese domain name fraud insider investigation

this reporter Gu Zhuo

"millions of small and medium sized enterprise informatization training", became a registered domain name Chinese, and describe the prospect of a false. The domain name was registered, but bravely sitting absolutely ignorant of, on a tour of the so-called "last train". When they understand, only to find that the money has been thrown into the water, the Internet so that they do not understand.

a domain name Chinese powerful promoter, a say Chinese domain involving national security, brand protection company, your domain name is registered by others and went on the Internet and selling at a price of 500 thousand yuan. In the face of such provocation, it can still be indifferent.

in the Chinese domain market, mainone Information Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the mainone) surfaced. The establishment of less than four years of the company, relying on proxy registration of Chinese domain names, in the past four years, the development of a staff of up to 4000 people in the country has more than 40 branches of enterprise groups. According to media reports, its 2005 sales of up to 100 million yuan, through the analysis of the relevant media reports, in 2006, its sales may exceed $150 million.

in this huge sales behind, is throughout the country Chinese domain name speculators forever pain. Reporters learned that the investigation, has been aware of the seriousness of the problem, people just mainone customers the tip of the iceberg, but also can be seen everywhere for the domain name Chinese pay tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan without any return sucker. The more investors are still in the dark, the dream actually brought huge wealth is not worth Chinese domain name to him. Because of this, it is difficult to count how many people, how much money involved in the Chinese domain name speculation, but it can be expected that they carry out the so-called domain name investment will not return.

It is known that

, the absurd; do not know not to know, need to be vigilant.

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domain name is so mainone sell

to register a domain name to spend nearly 20 thousand yuan, the price looks fantastic in knowledgeable people, but it is truly happening. Although the people in the trap is located in different parts of the country, the experience is surprisingly similar.

trap 1: Phone bombing

One day

January 2006, second-hand car business in Chengdu, Yang Min received a mysterious phone call changed his life, the person on the phone told him, "now Chinese" domain name "investment will be very profitable".

"mainone called Chinese domain can sell a lot of money, but also do a lot of promise to me, that does not sell or refund." Yang Min said. In mainone sales staff phone bombing at the same time, he had heard at the other end of the phone to the sales staff colleagues voice, ""

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