less than a week, will enter the Chinese Lunar New year. Major courier companies have announced that they have stopped taking part in the spring festival only arrange staff on duty. No express, who would have soared tears? At this point, the buyers and sellers, and there is no absolute winner. If I miss this trip, this means that this kind of special purchases for the Spring Festival timeliness strong product, the next "boarding", will be the Spring Festival in 2013.

for white-collar workers, take into account the natural flawless especially those perennial with special purchases for the Spring Festival, alone in the workplace. But this year, must have, this special purchases for the Spring Festival is much less, there must be a number. The distance from the Spring Festival has been less than a week, according to the projections of the train ticket pre-sale period, during which the train tickets have already sold out. That is to say, certain home couriers even if not the car, will also be on the train, the rest of the staff is only responsible for the new year watch out. The number of these remaining employees, has decided the delivery capacity of the major outlets.

from the major courier companies or C2C business feedback information, the major courier companies have not yet closed down the situation, but not far from here. The busy scorched by the flames for a whole year, home to reunite with family and friends, but also behoove, why in many service industries, just express to appear obvious seasonal characteristics of this


1 electricity supplier and logistics scale is not equal to

in 2011 China’s e-commerce market continues the rapid development trend of the past year, the market transaction size reached 7 trillion yuan, an increase of 46.4%. Domestic electricity supplier experts in China Connaught network nuo.cn analysis of some data, according to projections, is expected in 3~5 years, the average growth rate will remain at 35% high, in 2015 will reach $26 trillion and 500 billion.

look at logistics, development is obviously lagging behind. Currently in the domestic industrial and commercial sector registered courier companies have more than 2000 branches up to more than 5 thousand, showing the rapid growth momentum of China’s express industry. However, this growth rate in front of the electricity supplier industry, is only an utterly inadequate measure. 2011 national per capita courier business volume is still less than 3, the overall contribution of the share of GDP has not yet reached 0.3%, compared with the size of the country to send, far apart. Large B2C companies, has already started to self logistics routes, such as the Jingdong established free logistics team, every guest’s wind up, the Alibaba group in the construction of the "cloud logistics mode, but accounted for B2C market share reached 50.6% in front of Taobao, and is almost not worth mentioning.

2 logistics team building disjointed

self built logistics team of the electricity supplier companies, are some of the overall strength of the former large companies, after all, this is where each link requires a huge amount of money. The Jingdong and every guest logistics team as an example, in addition to the equipment configuration in place, more important is to have an excellent quality of the courier team from the courier service process, the appearance.

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