Admin5  06 Feb 29 according to eNet Silicon Valley dynamic news: ending in ".Asia" Internet top-level domain name in October this year launched the first to the government and enterprise, and common domain name registration is to wait until 2008 to start.

accept the new domain name registration will be officially launched in October 9, 2007, but the first wave of registration will be limited to the desire to have a geographic name such as "" of governments and enterprises with the registered trademark, but these trademarks must be registered in March 16, 2004, and is currently in use of trademark.

Internet domain name and address management ICANN as early as October last year on the approval of the.Asia domain name. This new domain name by DotAsia domain management institutions (DotAsia OrganizationLtd.) is responsible for the operation, the operating mechanism is composed of current domain registrar domain Chinese, Japan and South Korea, Vietnam and other countries together. The launch of the ".Asia" top-level domain name is to unify the corporate identity of users and other users in the Asia Pacific region.

DotAsia previously said they plan to ".Asia" domain name registration restrictions in the Asia Pacific region, including australia.

is using the old brand priority to apply for the domain name deadline will be in October 30th of this year, the application of other companies will be accepted from next year in January 15th. Wait until the so-called sunrise period, the average user can register the domain name, but the DotAsia organization did not provide a specific time to accept the registration of ordinary users.

In order to avoid the

automated attack tools on the first day of the open system, DotAsia will give up the "first application, first service" mode in the initial registration; on the contrary, all applications will be in a given period of time fair, if there are two or more qualified institutions or enterprises to apply for a domain name, then will take the auction method.

DotAsia organization did not disclose when the successful application domain can be used. In addition, the company’s DotAsia proxy registration fees given by the company may have some differences.

Before the launch of

on behalf of the Asian domain name ".Asia" is currently in use in domain name on behalf of the European Union has included ".Eu" and represent the Catalan speaking area ".Cat". In addition, there are still people called for more geographic domain names, such as ".Berlin", ".Nyc" and ".Paris", etc.. Typically, domain names are distributed globally, or on behalf of the classification, such as ".Com" on behalf of commercial websites; or on behalf of a particular country or region, such as ".Fr" to represent france.

compared with the most commonly used ".Com" domain name, the new domain name

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