the past two years, Ali power more and more special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival souvenir sales, so that farmers can also enjoy the brothers supplier era bonus, not only led to a large number of local villagers employment out of poverty, but also for rural electricity providers precise poverty widened a new way.


"my pig to sell online!" in Hunan Province, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Guzhang County Hongshi town was rock village farmers to tell everybody. Although the older people in the village of "net" on how to sell the pig said is not clear, speaking of pig Internet, but conceal pride.

novel "read the pig" meat "explosion of

for special purchases for the Spring Festival

the morning of January 4th, to celebrate the Xiangxi pig Internet City, a "traditional" ride into the thousands of households Ali special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival ", a new and prosperous" read the pig "in all the villagers to participate in the staged joy. A drum resounded through the village villagers, look at your pet is a pig year, accept the "review" in unprecedented ways, all to stop. "Black pig pig, can Tmall are selling well in the pig!" launched the "reading pig" Xin animal husbandry director Peng Nanke told reporters with a smile.


The ceremony was

by rock village and local agricultural enterprises jointly initiated, talking about why to hold to "read the pig", was Rock Village mayor Huang Qunchuan said, raising pig to allow the villagers to live a better life. Meat is a specialty of Hunan, is Xiangxi’s most famous Hunan bacon bacon. Over the years, Xiangxi bacon stick with the traditional production process and methods for soil and smoked tuhang, pork meat production, requirements are very high. All rock village pig, are housed in the original ecology of the wild mountain ecological environment, eat corn, sweet potato, lettuce and other weeds grow up a little bit, never feed feed. Peng Nanke said: "the witness of Xiangxi cured through business platform out of the mountains, to carry forward the traditional bacon authentic local culture characteristics, we build the idea of" reading type pig ‘, and the villagers celebrate the pig Internet City, opened on the fingertips of Lawei China years, also hope that Xiangxi can Bacon in Ali sell into special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival "the explosion"."

city people love Lawei farmhouse flavor 6 annual growth of 80 times

data show that the "agricultural products by city consumers. In Xiangxi on behalf of the Royal five and bacon Songgui square as an example, in 2016 the top two brands in the Tmall flagship store online sales than expected, this year is expected to be over 3 times. In particular, pine square Tmall flagship store, Shop 6 years sales growth of up to 80 times.





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