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news January 28th, announced the immediate set consists of 300 people "fake special warfare battalion", fake cooperation with government departments, with full intellectual property rights as well as ordinary consumers online and linkage.

The chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba

Ma said, fake is a flawed development of all business models, not caused by the fake Taobao. But Taobao is doomed to bear this injustice, this responsibility. Taobao can only recognize it, solve it. Solve the problem of fake and intellectual property rights is to solve the problem of Taobao’s survival. Social problems can not rely on a company, a platform to go it alone. We must use all resources and power, through the common social governance, rather than lack of coordination, blame each other.

in addition, Alibaba also recruited more than 5 thousand and 400 volunteers from all walks of life across the country, responsible for coordinating the daily online inspections and sampling, etc.. In addition, quality inspection administration and the Alibaba set up "quality risk monitoring center" of Internet e-commerce products in Hangzhou, intellectual property office, the news publishing SARFT also with Alibaba established a linkage mechanism of smooth rights crackdown.

Alibaba group chief risk officer Shao Xiaofeng said that the Internet and electronic business platform itself is not fake, the root cause of the problem lies in the line. Alibaba group will use a large Internet data analysis capabilities, accurate delivery fake information for the government departments at all levels, objectively show fake distribution line, the first time the fake information timely notification to have law enforcement powers of government agencies.

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