recently released "on, networking card products special rectification notice" ban, emphasize the accompanying merchandise gift card and selling things are of the same nature, applicable to lock up rules. It is reported that the platform will be November 24th investigation of this violation, once the seller violations, according to the rules of the platform to dispose of the platform.

in May this year, the Ministry of Industry issued the relevant notice, requiring all basic telecom enterprises to ensure that in December 31, 2016 before the phone user name rate reached more than 95% in June 30, 2017 before all telephone users to achieve the real name registration. In line with the national telecommunications management departments to combat telecommunications fraud, communications products to implement real name registration, in September this year, released "mobile phone number card lock up commodity adjustment notice" rules for publicity, not confirmed the real name registration standard process, real name registration risk vulnerabilities of the IOT network card, developed a ban.

it is reported that, according to the rules, the ban of goods and information refers to domestic Internet operators tariff packages and tariff card or SIM card, and the corresponding treatment is generally illegal violations, each deducted 12 points; if the circumstances are serious, deducted 48 points each.

, however, recently, in the transaction behavior, a number of Taobao stores appeared with the gift of goods linked to the card behavior. In fact, according to the "implementation opinions of the Ministry of industry and information technology on further communication to prevent and combat fraud information work (the Ministry of network security, 2016, Letter No. 452)" the new requirements, "the accompanying gift card goods things and selling behavior are of the same nature, the same rules apply the lock management.

in this regard, in order to standardize the market order and to avoid the risks associated with Taobao will be on November 24, 2016, along with the gift of goods linked to the network to carry out investigation work. It is reported that once the seller appeared violations, according to the rules of the platform to be disposed of. Taobao will sell the housework before to remind the rules to do self-examination self-test, to avoid unnecessary violations and bear disposal, and advocate the seller and the platform, regulatory compliance, together to create a safe and reliable communications products market environment.

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