Hangzhou University sophomore Lee did not think of how, he gave a famous shopping website of a seller’s 1 "bad" has attracted a lawsuit. The day before, the seller Lin "reputation infringement will be Lee to court, asked Lee to erase" bad "and" inappropriate comments ", restore 100% of his reputation, and claims about 50 thousand yuan. Said never buy the essence of the sale, so for the design of the seller’s website credit evaluation system, the blogger has always been holding hands. Now this evaluation, actually may bring the lawsuit for their own, not by the blogger to understand: what is the "show up" or "excessive rights"? Fortunately, according to reports, the court did not seem to support the seller’s claim.

credit evaluation should be a win-win thing

users: "nonsense" tolerance is too low! Open shop to a bad stand, how can such a store growing economic benefits? Originally system is set up, if everyone like this, but what

credit rating?

blogger: it is reported that Lin believes that their credit and honor as a life, but was a message slander lee. Lee to the poor comments and serious improper comments led to their shop credit rating decreased from 100% to 97.62%. And get this bad reviews after more than 1 months, shop sales of zero. So, of course, he’s suing lee. And Li Mouze said that he gave the poor assessment, but also in the actual experience of the service given after the real evaluation of Lin, not serious misconduct.

as friends said, if the buyers give only a bad review, the seller’s business is in "a life-and-death matter" position, so it is a struggle, loss of tolerance. If a shop suffered several bad reviews, the problem is not the same. Conversely, if the credit evaluation of buyers really useful, it might not be a seller of the gospel: because of its better credit evaluation, business is better, sellers naturally have enough pressure and motivation to improve their service level, finally not sellers and shopping sites win


if the lawsuit is the seller’s "show hype", then I think he is undoubtedly made himself a negative publicity, so that everyone knows his content, service concept is not enough; if the seller is really in adults, it seems a bit excessive, also after a long day now. Who dare to buy your


to enter the market must comply with the rules

net friend "day Peng marshal": I was in a website to shop, their service is not good or product quality is not good, or no after-sales service, the buyer to the evaluation, the difference is reasonable. I feel it, there are 1/100000 rogue buyers receive the product is good, but the difference in assessment frequently used to threaten the seller refund, this person is very annoying, wicked.

blogger: the netizen said the situation has also been reported before, and even said that there are a number of special sellers to buy "praise" groups. Bloggers have also been in contact with some online stores

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