Chinese electricity providers have started to self logistics, logistics companies have started to cross the electricity supplier. So it was said that China’s electricity supplier and logistics to be integrated, the era of big electricity supplier coming soon, then, the integration of electricity providers and logistics can become China’s new electricity supplier model. If the era of big electricity providers really coming, for the development of China’s electricity supplier is really useful today, Putian talent network on the matter to make a point of view:

electricity supplier logistics integration

China with the rise of e-commerce, led to the rapid development of the third party courier industry, but with the increasing user demand continues to increase, the cost of logistics, business enterprise may feel a little too much. At present, although most of the electricity supplier companies are still using the third party logistics platform, but the electricity supplier companies in order to be able to save more costs, to bring more quality services have also begun to hit the money self logistics. Where the customer, Jingdong,, Amazon and many other electricity supplier chiefs have their own logistics and distribution system, in order to accelerate its self logistics development, to snatch more market share. Lay a solid foundation for their future development.

if the electricity supplier business self logistics is to be able to save more costs. Then the electricity supplier logistics company wading is purely in order to obtain greater profits. Because the logistics company itself has the advantages of logistics and distribution, if the logistics company began to do electricity supplier, which will be a major advantage, the cost of doing electricity supplier will be greatly reduced. So do, do the tact, now also started to do the sf.

electricity supplier enterprises to reduce logistics costs, logistics companies do electricity providers or increase profits. Looks like it’s a good thing. But think carefully, if the electricity supplier logistics began to integrate, and finally form a big electricity supplier era. Logistics is no longer pure logistics, electricity providers are no longer pure electricity supplier. Then the competition will be another step in the e-commerce industry, which belongs to the competition between the two industries has now become a competition between the industry, is bound to face a big reshuffle.

era of big electricity supplier thinking

let us think about it, if the electricity supplier logistics once integration. China’s e-commerce has entered the era of big electricity supplier, then not only the problem of intense competition. However, the electricity supplier enterprises and logistics companies will no longer be the advantage of the original. For the electricity supplier logistics is their disadvantage, for they are not good at logistics providers, while they are doing the most stupid thing is that with their own weaknesses to enhance their core competitiveness.

either electricity supplier or logistics, they take themselves as a barrel. As for how many things can be loaded, depends on the short board. However, even if their own short board lengthened, electricity providers and logistics have become a good barrel, these barrels and barrels no difference, then take what to compete?

actually, logistics and electricity supplier itself is a win-win situation. There’s no need to integrate

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