experienced "double eleven" peak in Tmall, "shuangshier" how to bring more surprises? Today (December 12th), is the touchstone to change Taobao O2O.

today, teamed up with Alipay, launched a large-scale line nationwide promotion, including fast taxi, real estate auction, car second-hand transactions, domestic service and other projects. A number of well-known restaurants and large supermarket stores also launched half off activities. O2O industry such a large-scale promotion in the industry is the first time.


, Taobao President Zhang Jianfeng told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, and in previous years, sales of innovative marketing play different, this year Taobao "shuangshier" is intended to provide a new experience of life unexpected for consumers, mobile phone Taobao will remain a priority among priorities. The future of Taobao is not a simple commodity trading platform, but a full range of life service portal."

in the industry view, the rise of Tmall, the electricity supplier industry gradually become Tmall, Amazon, and other Jingdong, B2C platform competition. Ali is trying to integrate Taobao O2O business, a strong involvement in the offline market.

cloud like digital CEO, Ruijin Lin Group co-founder An Shihui believes that O2O is the value of goods, payment, membership will be combined to form different solutions and the transaction closed loop, which is why some companies just need the line. The future C2C platform is no longer an ordinary small and beautiful shops concentrated, it will become a model of the integrated store brand."

Taobao transformation to build life service platform /

November 4th, Ali revealed the first earnings report after the listing, the third quarter of 2014, GMV Chinese retail platform Ali’s (platform total turnover) reached 555 billion 666 million yuan, compared with 2013 growth of 48.7% over the same period, the data shows that Taobao, Tmall platform trading volume growth at a high level.

among them, the transaction volume from the Taobao platform was 379 billion 832 million yuan, an increase of 38.2% from the Tmall platform trading volume was $175 billion 834 million, an increase of 77.8%. Although the transaction volume of Taobao platform is much higher than Tmall, but did not directly bring commission income for ali.

after the earnings release, Ali CFO Wu Wei revealed at an analyst conference call, the third quarter of this year, commission revenue growth faster than online marketing revenue. In general, China’s retail business revenue, 33.5% from the Commission, while the contribution from the Commission last year, only about $24.8%. "Taobao transactions from the PC end to complete the proportion of higher than Tmall, because Taobao’s commercial efforts than Tmall, the commission income accounted for Tmall because Taobao is low, so the total transaction volume growth, lead us to commission the proportion of total revenue decreased."

added that since Taobao has not only Taobao itself

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