from the recent information, as of February, the number of Internet users in China has reached 221 million people, more than the United States ranks first in the world, and in late 2007, the figure was 210 million. Can be expected, with the arrival of the Beijing Olympic Games, the number of Internet users will experience a surge, located in the science and technology of 08 Beijing Olympic Games Olympic Games to the development of the Internet and China burned a fire, let the Internet China combustion.

The Olympic Games on the Internet to promote the role of

, in the last period of Athens Olympic Games has shown its power, the Athens Olympic Games not only attracted nationwide people watching television, but also the number of Internet users access the site record flow is the major portals in Athens during the Olympic Games exciting, such as Sina, Sohu, the NetEase that several major portals, the website traffic during the Olympic Games have achieved varying degrees of growth, this is due to the network compared to the fast and convenient and interactive TV, let the Internet become a complementary and traditional media platform.

and the 08 Beijing Olympics science and technology theme, will be the main driving force for the development of the Olympic Games in the internet. Then, on the Internet about the Olympic Games, news, reports, special interview will be too busy to attend to all video playback on the Internet, at any time will be delayed, the reason is the majority of users choose the network, diversity and depth of Internet news also cast many netizens good.

also increased mobile phone Internet users, provides an opportunity for the development of mobile network, as early as last year, the media have China announced that the number of mobile phone users reached 4 million staggering, and after trying to promote the mobile phone operators, mobile phone Internet users is inevitable. Network service providers, of course, will not give up such a huge market, with the charm of the Olympic Games to promote the development of mobile networks, the Olympic Games will be a bright spot in the development of the network.

at the same time, with the growth in the number of Internet users, the momentum of development of Internet based resources also have "". As the basis of address "fundamental" IP address and domain name of the annual growth rate is high, ensure smooth development needs of the internet. By the end of December 2007, China’s IP address number has reached 135 million, but the basic needs of users and each one IP address is compared, the gap is still very great; and the national domain CN rapid rise in 2007, rose as high as 4 times, every increase of 20 thousand, achieved a growth miracle in the world history of the domain name. CN domain name and CN domain names both significantly exceed the domestic COM domain name, consolidate the mainstream status of the national domain name. In addition, the number of sites, the number of pages and the number of web pages are growing at more than 60%, the Internet users can enjoy more and more information resources. The extension of CN domain name extension of one yuan, will undoubtedly bring the development of the Internet to promote.

according to the IDC review of the data statistics, is now ranked the top ten of the domain name registrar in the domain name registration has a lot of growth. (with China’s top ten domain name registrar)

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