group purchase website F Group officially renamed Gaopeng next January name (TechWeb pictures)

NetEase Francisco December 12th message, the original group purchase website F group today officially changed its name to friends, which means that the two companies have completed the merger. It is reported that QQ from the group purchase Gaopeng exclusive operation.

F group, QQ group and Gaopeng group of three announcements, January 15, 2013 F domain will become Gaopeng, click on the F group will jump directly to the page and the QQ group of friends, the overall visual style will be fully unified and gaopeng.

technology NetEase previously reported, F group and QQ group Gaopeng, three platform merger, dubbed Beijing Wangluo Life Technology Co Ltd, and three core brand is gaopeng. After the delegation and Peng merge, the new company equity ratio: Tencent accounted for 30%, Groupon accounted for more than 10%, Lenovo investment accounted for over 10%, the remaining shares held for management. While the board seats, Tencent occupy one, Groupon no seats on the board.

Peng Lin Lin said CEO, sales reached 250 million, lin ning revealed that at present there are about the staff of about 2000 employees, the original Peng employees retain about 400.

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