to do a national platform, will encounter a problem: the substation construction is the choice to join or direct mode? This is a fork in the road.

station to join the or direct, it involves a series of problems, any enterprise needs a comprehensive consideration. Especially some entrepreneurial enterprises, this step is very important, a careless loser. Because entrepreneurial enterprises have just started, whether it is human or material resources, can not stand the test. The trial and error, sometimes only exists in theory.

2 point

substation alliance modeThe development of

Internet companies, in addition to some capital portals, such as Sina, Sohu, enterprises seem to be more inclined to join the way station. For example, life information classification platform 58 city sub station to join IT, the first portal PConline city substation substation investment, tourism distribution platform letter travel network to join, and now the unusually hot group purchase, also appeared online merchants Chinese group purchase station. Many enterprises choose to join the way to develop the station, we know the reason in addition to reduce financial risks and limited by their own human resources, there exist some more fundamental reasons, these reasons we forget.

first, choose another way, first is the substation construction project of enterprise for development to join mode. Like the travel network travel distribution platform, the industry influenced by the geographical (tourists from a starting point to a destination, to close off the operation are to be done at the local station), so choose to join the letter Travel Net Station mode. Similar to the letter travel network platform station joining mode of life and classified information platform 58 city network. According to the 58 city CEO Yao Jingbo said, the 58 city construction next year will vigorously develop the station agent. And like Sina and other portals, the operation of more of its website content editing and advertising investment, which is limited by the geographical impact of smaller.

also, companies can choose to join the station mode, even can succeed, must be the development of this model is suitable for sub agents (must be between the enterprise and the agent is mutual benefit). That is, not only can see the future of sub agents, more important is to see the money. The future can be described by the model of the enterprise, market size, profit margins, etc., can be described as very good, but the money is more realistic. In addition to the enterprise agents described in the "cake". It is, they need to know what you can eat to the enterprise the "cake", which is the key. So, we found that the traditional business investment is still hot, because it allows agents to eat this cake in a short time". 58 city station agents from the date of signing the contract within a year, site advertising sales revenue all to the core operators income; letter Travel Net Station agents including agents development income shop franchise fee commissions and online shop sales and profits of their own tourism products. These revenues are based on

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