2011 is the most prosperous media micro-blog, with the warming of micro-blog, micro-blog marketing has become a new vantage point of the current network promotion. Many companies have launched micro-blog marketing. Looking at many of the company’s micro-blog marketing activities, the following inventory on 2011 ten micro-blog marketing big winner.

, a Durex

The most popular

micro-blog marketing tide than the official Durex micro-blog, micro-blog first issued from February 1st began to create assignments for the pregnant events, Durex shoes set of events and many other classical case achieved amazing breakthrough in nearly 280 thousand fans.

two, the movie "lovelorn in 33 days"

is micro-blog marketing companies use these days, "33 days" has become the new media in the film marketing case "success". A small investment in the cost of millions of urban love movies, but achieved a box office miracle – the cumulative box office revenue around the line 344 million. "33 days of love," the success of propaganda thanks to "micro-blog marketing". And it started to make some doubts about the success of micro-blog marketing power companies sit up and take notice.

three, Eslite

The official micro-blog

Eslite began operation pocketed the public eye: grab send anniversary T-shirt; in pencil for school activities; 1 yuan seckill price 888 yuan clothes; Chen Yao and Xu Jinglei pull to interact on VANCL products; invited Han Han and Wang Ludan as where the customer Eslite spokesperson, "VANCL style" become fashionable for a time. At the end of May 2011, the spokesman Huang Xiaoming a "yes, I am not acting, not at all, I’m like." This sentence makes every guest’s popularity is greatly improved, also led the industry on "what is the creative Internet marketing", "customer marketing success" big discussion.

four, Jocie Guo

June 21, 2011, Sina micro-blog, a man named "Jocie Guo Baby" and claiming to be living in a big house, 20 year old girl Maserati "by micro-blog which caused a lot of criticism events show off their wealth in Chinese red cross. Jocie Guo himself through the event to achieve the purpose of speculation.

five, COFCO

2011, COFCO Life @ in 2010 "COFCO good life", fully explore the new form of activity: micro-blog active channel launched micro-blog + bulletin introduction activities + poster + focus map with the theme of voting with the topic of speculation – focus map, relationship module full power draw, various modules integrated into micro-blog activities highlights, more personalized choice for micro-blog to communicate more fully. In 2011, COFCO micro-blog has established his own business reputation. In the "good life" image has been deeply micro-blog users in mind.

six, Mcglaughlin

as electricity >

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