north of Jiangsu in Northern Jiangsu Province, in recent years has developed its own characteristics of the industry, wood, sheet metal processing and sales is one of the. In Suining County Sha town, the reporter can see such a scene: a brick, soil around the number of square metres of a dog, a bed and a computer, whether it is to open the clinic or grocery store, motorcycle repair village, every family have opened the shop as a sideline.

their merchandise are from the local production of wood furniture. Local wood furniture processing large, the implementation of processing and sales through-train service, to become rich leader, but also led to the development of local and surrounding industries. This "leader" is only 27 years old young man sun, engaged in processing and sales of wooden furniture for more than two years, from a working class become a small boss, has driven up wood industrial development of the village, was named model village youth network business.

27 year old sun began to make furniture in June 2007, is the first to do poineering work in the village furniture sales. Driven by the sun, the village of relatives and friends have also sold wood furniture. At present, the village has more than and 400 farmers opened a shop selling furniture, furniture factory also developed to the more than and 30.

imitation IKEA furniture

sun’s first self-produced products is a simple shelf, which is designed according to the style of IKEA furniture. Sun Han said he likes the minimalist style of IKEA furniture, but IKEA’s furniture prices are relatively high, he was determined to build China’s IKEA". In the Jiangsu Zhejiang area, there are many fake IKEA furniture manufacturers, sun let Zhejiang send the sample to come, and partners to find out fake materials. Now, the country except Sichuan Province, other parts of the IKEA store he almost traveled.

from the start empty-handed to become the representative of the county youth network business model, business results not easily won. First, in order to find cheap wood, Sun Gang traveled northeast, Guangxi, Hunan and other parts of the country, from night to dawn every day, even in the mill the coffin lay overnight. Because just started a small amount of orders, the whole look for a month, there are wood processing plant agreed to cooperate with them.

express delivery company to reduce shipping costs

after the products, they did not find a good channel, "lane is too deep to wine are not floating out," Sun Han said. Later, sun cold found the promotion platform Taobao, Taobao guest, Taobao mall and other above promotion, promotion fee is 150 yuan per day. In the retail above, in the face of these end consumers, Taobao’s platform has played a role, sun cold store day views reached 3, 4 thousand, turnover reached hundreds of times. Last month, the sun’s two Taobao store sales reached 150 thousand yuan. However, due to the Taobao mall to charge a commission in the store to sell relatively low profit.

every day, in the local truck frequently out of the village, a steady stream of furniture to the country. Only the sun cold family, each

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