to send flowers, in the hearts of most of the traditional flower shop to order, and then hold a bouquet, sent to the past. With the rise of the Internet, with the help of the flowers of the courier industry has developed rapidly. Just a few years time, flowers delivery sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, of course, the service quality is uneven in quality, which not only increased the number of malicious competition, resulting in the loss of new customers and wait. Thus resulting in a more chaotic market situation.

Si can be flowers and gifts in this confusion network is founded and developed, many experienced the baptism of wind and rain, through professional network technology, attentive customer maintenance, perfect distribution system, step by step in the minds of customers to establish a good brand reputation.

in view of the current market confusion, we can make a brief analysis:

A: website construction

website construction is simple, a few thousand dollars a complete shopping mall system can be completed in a hurry after construction began operation, some websites even record are not passed, so the customer service is not money as can be imagined, but also a common thing, and because of the lack of professional maintenance, so which website page chaos ugly customer system disorder, product copy copy. Due to the lack of professional maintenance personnel in the course of time, the website was paralyzed, a shell. So you will often see in the search, is the Mid Autumn Festival, some sites also hung on Mother’s Day propaganda slogans, but this is a waste station, lost the passion, will be careless with.

two: customer service

flower courier do not product, but a service.

because it is online communication, trading, so there will be many problems in the middle link. Such as the distribution of business relations not to accept flowers, or without prior consultation and customer orders, and the recipient address is not detailed enough, or is due to other things by taking delivery delivery time sooner or later, these problems need to come from flowers express company communication, do everything perfect.

a simple example: one day a customer call, said the need to send flowers and cake to the Xinjiang Army Corps, but there are now customers unable to browse the web, only through the company’s internal e-mail to receive letters. Think of the customer service staff to understand the situation after the patient asked the customer’s requirements, and then select the product, save the picture, the product style and description and prices are sent to the customer email. Customers are not satisfied with the selected products, the customer service staff can continue to pick, send. This back and forth several times, a good selection of flowers began to pick the cake in the same way. Until customer satisfaction. Because customers can not order on the site, we have to pass the order form. It took a long time, but why we can do this, because we hold the mentality of each customer is responsible for the profits of dozens of dollars may not be as good as the

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